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  1. ooh woot, thats lame lol. Alright man i guess i gotta do more research before throwing statements hihi. So only ra ra2 and TS can have mission type maps??
  2. Yeah. The ini files themselves :laugh: I put that as second recommendation indeed. Thanks for mentioning and being ciritical man, So yes ppl I believe this type of editing is available for ts, ra, ra2 and td, tho it could be very different as modding TS, and so you might need more information. All i'm doing with this tutorial is to show you the simplicity!! And its fun. The thought of difficulty might stop some people to mod, or use triggers, thats why if there are more tutorials we could be seeing way more creative maps being made!
  3. Thanks for verifying that! Its perfect for copy and pasting. I've never even considered saving it as map.
  4. Well I didnt wanted to put it in the title cuz most of modding this way applies for all of the cnc games. I love the way its all organized in Tibed. Do you know something better?
  5. THIS IS A TUTORIAL FOR BASIC MODDING. I DECIDED TO MAKE THIS JUST TO MAKE IT EASIER FOR YOU TO CREATE WHAT YOU WANT. IF YOU WANT SOMETHING THAT’S NOT LISTED IN HERE, FIRST MAKE SURE ITS POSSIBLE BY ASKING ME OR ANYONE ELSE THAT HAVE ALREADY MOD TIBERIAN SUN INSIDE OUT (This will work for some other CnC games and their codes too). Looking up codes for Units and Structures There are 3 ways of looking up the codes you need: 1.We can look up which code we need for editing units, from Rules.ini and firestorm units in Firestorm.ini in the Tiberian sun folder. The easiest way to find what we want to edit, is to press CTRL+F, to open the “Find” option and find any unit. For example you type Construction yard, you will find the code [GACNST] above it, copy/paste this anywhere in your map file. - The best software is notepad++ here is the download: https://ninite.com/notepadplusplus/ 2. In Final sun, when you place a building or unit in the map, and you place your mouse cursor on it, you will see the code in the bottom left corner. You can type this code in the map file [between-these-symbols], or –while you’re in final sun anyway- Click Edit -> INI Editing. And Add this code. Select it from the dropdown, and from there you can add keys (lines, like Immune=yes) (Make sure Beginners mode is turned off In Options) 3. All of the codes are perfectly organized in TibEd. http://www.tibed.net/files/tibed171.exe Which u can download here. You have the option here to 'Save changed to your map', but I recommend copy pasting the codes manually to your map, i used to use this software alot, but i learned that using rules.ini is just the best. • you can open .MPR files by right click -> open with -> wordpad) • All maps and your Final sun maps will be saved In YourDirectory\TiberianSun_Online\Maps\ Editing codes IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER all the capitals! (For example if you type: Techlevel=-1, it won’t work. This will work: TechLevel=-1  In this case Minus 1 means Unbuildable.  The game will always read rules.ini, but the edits you make in a map will overwrite those!  Just for tutorial purposes, I will mod the construction yard ridiculously! [GACNST] Name=Pimped Construction Yard Strength=2000 Capturable=false Power=1250 SuperWeapon=DropPodSpecial So if you copy/paste this into your map file, Everyones construction yard wil: be twice as strong; gives u lots of power; be charging the droppod (firestorm game), and is unable to be captured by engineers. WEAPONS Now lets give the Construction yard A weapon and a turret. Just for tutorial purposes. We can edit or add the weapons with the code 'Primary='. This is the code mostly used. 'Secondary=' is its second weapon. Lets open up "Weapons" in TibEd to have the list of all weapons. To give our Yard an existing weapon, pick one from the list and put it at Primary, I choose BikeMissile So, under [GACNST] we add: Primary=BikeMissile To give it a Turret, we need to be creative. What do you think will look good on the construction yard? The animations that works best are vehicles and ofcourse existing turrets. Turret=yes TurretAnim=ICBM ThreatPosed=0 TurretAnimX=1 TurretAnimY=7 TurretAnimIsVoxel=true TurretAnimZAdjust=-100 I'm using a large ICBM Vehicle as turret, which looks funny, go ahead and play with this. Adjust the position of the turret by changing the numbers on X and Y, behind, inside or on front with ZAdjust. (-100 is all infront) Simply give the TurretAnim= a vehicle code or turret code. Some turret codes are: PULSCAN (emp turret) NASAM_A (sam turret) You can look up in TibEd which structure uses which TurretAnim * On this topic you can learn how to find the right values for positioning the turret, and the barrel (where the projectile comes from): http://www.ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?highlight=weapons&t=33833, but they are usually correct already. To give our cnstrcn yard our own weapon We can Give it any name, just refer it by giving the same name in Primary= And to make it easier, Open TibEd, and just copy/paste from an existing weapon, like RPGTower [RPGTower] Damage=110 ROF=80 Range=8 Projectile=Lobbed2 Speed=30 Warhead=RPG MinimumRange=2 Report=GLNCH4 Edited: [Zapzap] Damage=200 ROF=150 ; (Rate of Fire) Range=5 Projectile=ZapzapPR Speed=30 ; 5 Warhead=RPG MinimumRange=2 Report=GLNCH4 I will make an electric looking weapon. Lets create a different Projectile animation. I will name it ZapzapPR (see above). In TibEd, click on Animation Overlays. You can use any of these, but only some will work. You can also use any Vehicle, as projectile, 'CAR' looks like a nice big rocket, or even an infantry! Its rediculous but funny. I will make my weapon Electric looking by giving it the 'Infantry Zap death' animation, named 'ELECTRO' (we have to use existing images and animation for mods) [ZapzapPR] Image=ELECTRO Arcing=true Now you can do the same with Warheads, warheads is all the things that happends beside the weapon damage (and its particles). Open up warheads in TibEd and see all the things u can make it do. Now a nice warhead animation for an electric weapon I think should be, is the EMP effect animation (looked up in Animation Overlays in TibEd) [ZapzapWH] Spread=0 Verses=100%,100%,100%,100%,100% AnimList=EMP_FX01 InfDeath=5 ProneDamage=170% (For the entry 'InfDeath=' 0 is instant die, 1 is twirl die, 2 is explodes, 3 is flying death, 4 is burn death, & 5 is electrocution. The entry 'Spread' is to devide the damage in this number of cells, so 0 is 100% damage, 1=50% damage on 2 cells, 2=25% damage on 4 cells, etc. So if u use 4, u can multiply the weapon's damage amount by 4 if you want For the entry 'Verses' its the amount of damage for the armor. So if you want this weapon to be more effective for certain units or structures, check What unit/structure has which armor. The list goes in order like this: none/light/wood/heavy/concrete) Okay, we made ourselfs a weapon. Now this is what you gotta put in your map file to have a pimped up Contruction yard with a electric zap weapon with turret: [GACNST] Name=Pimped Construction Yard Strength=2000 Capturable=false Power=1250 SuperWeapon=DropPodSpecial Primary=Zapzap Turret=yes TurretAnim=ICBM ThreatPosed=0 TurretAnimX=1 TurretAnimY=7 TurretAnimIsVoxel=true TurretAnimZAdjust=-100 [Zapzap] Damage=200 ROF=150 Range=7 Projectile=Zapzap Speed=30 ; 5 Warhead=ZapzapWH MinimumRange=2 Report=GLNCH4 [ZapzapPR] Image=ELECTRO Arcing=true [ZapzapWH] Spread=0 Verses=100%,100%,100%,100%,100% AnimList=EMP_FX01 InfDeath=5 ProneDamage=170% [Warheads] 100=ZapzapWH So we created a different Projectile and warhead for the weapon too, you don't have to do that and just give it an existing one. As you can see we had to add the new warhead to the list of warheads. Only Warheads needs to be listed new (I use number 100 to not override existing ones), same for new vehicles and structures, aircrafts and infantry that you created all need to be listed as new by simply copy pasting its [Types] in your map and adding your unit code. So we know now how to edit an existing Structure. To make a new structure, we can simply copy paste the codes from an existing structure from Tibed (or Sun.ini), and just give the code an different name, but just like warheads, list it in the structure list: [NEWSTRUCTURE] Image=GAFIRE Name=New structure Strength=1000 Armor=Concrete Prerequisite=RADAR,TECH Adjacent=8 TechLevel=1 Sight=4 Owner=GDI,Nod Cost=300 Points=40 Power=100 Capturable=true Crewed=yes Explosion=TWLT070,S_BANG48,S_BRNL58,S_CLSN58,S_TUMU60 MaxDebris=6 ThreatPosed=0 ; This value MUST be 0 for all building addons DamageParticleSystems=SparkSys,SmallGreySSys,BigGreySmokeSys DamageSmokeOffset=300, 300, 450 TogglePower=yes [buildingTypes] 1000=NEWSTRUCTURE Image So first you wanna decide where it looks like, and how it appears in the sidebar. If you use a building that usually not buildable, it will have a grey icon in the sidebar, which i personally like to avoid to have more then 2 or 3 of those just to avoid confusion. For this, use 'Image=' and give it a building code, in the case above - GAFIRE - it looks like a Firestorm generator. If you want the image to look like A vehicle image, read 'Other stuff' below Owner and Prerequisite its important to decide when u can build it, and who can build it. Prerequisite= the building that allows you to build it, so if u want to build it right when u deploy your mcv, put in: Prerequisite=GACNST. If you want it from two structures, type: Prerequisite=NAHAND,NATECH (hand of nod and nod tech center) Then make sure its only owner is Nod, with Owner=Nod. If you want to make a building for both sides, these are the codes for both sides of structures: BARRACKS, FACTORY, POWER, RADAR, TECH. and u can put it for both owners: Owner=GDI,Nod Vehicles Same thing for creating new vehicles: Put it in the list of vehicles: [NEWVEHICLE] Image=APC copypasteyourstuff=righthere codes codes codes, blablabla [VehicleTypes] 100=NEWVEHICLE To edit the animations of a vehicles is different. yes we can make a driving banshee with Image=SCRIN, make it hover, with MovementZone= and SpeedType= (just look inside TibEd -> Vehicles), but there are just a few mixes discovered. Only the 4TNK (mammoth tank), TTNK (tick tank) and SONIC (disruptor) have turrets. We can make them look funny with Turret=No. We can give these turrets to some other vehicles by changing the Original [4TNK]'s image to the desired vehicle. so Image=APC, under [4TNK] will give APC the mammoth turret, which looks awesome!!, and you can give it a weapon too to complete it. So to make vehicles look different use the Original vehicle codes: [TTNK], [sONIC] and [4TNK] and use any vehicle code u wish u have its turret. So another example, Lets give Attack Buggy a Turret, choose from one, lets say Ticktank turret: [TTNK] Image=BGGY But ofcourse, it needs to have the same codes under [bGGY] to keep it being an attack buggy. It also means we have to: recreate Ticktank, by just Cloning it, copy pasting its codes, and give it a different name and list it under VehicleTypes. And we have to Delete the Original [bGGY] by giving [bGGY] TechLevel=-1. You will have these codes in your map file: [VehicleTypes] 100=NEWVEHICLE ; just add the next number to the list you have: 101=TTNK2 [bGGY] TechLevel=-1 [TTNK] Image=BGGY Name=Attack Buggy Prerequisite=NODFACTORY Primary=RaiderCannon Category=Recon Strength=220 Armor=light Turret=no IsTilter=yes TechLevel=2 Sight=6 Speed=10 CrateGoodie=yes Owner=Nod Cost=500 Points=25 ROT=8 Explosion=TWLT070,S_BANG48,S_BRNL58,S_CLSN58,S_TUMU60 VoiceSelect=25-I000,25-I002,25-I004,25-I006 VoiceMove=25-I012,25-I014,25-I016,25-I018,25-I022 VoiceAttack=25-I014,25-I022,25-I024,25-I026 VoiceFeedback= MaxDebris=3 DebrisTypes=TIRE DebrisMaximums=4 Locomotor={4A582741-9839-11d1-B709-00A024DDAFD1} MovementZone=Normal ThreatPosed=10 ; This value MUST be 0 for all building addons DamageParticleSystems=SparkSys,SmallGreySSys EliteAbilities=CRUSHER ImmuneToVeins=yes [TTNK2] Name=Tick Tank Category=AFV Prerequisite=NODFACTORY Primary=90mm Strength=350 Armor=light TechLevel=3 CrateGoodie=yes Sight=5 Speed=6 Owner=Nod Cost=800 Points=40 ROT=5 Crusher=yes Crewed=yes Explosion=TWLT070,S_BANG48,S_BRNL58,S_CLSN58,S_TUMU60 VoiceSelect=25-I000,25-I002,25-I004,25-I006 VoiceMove=25-I012,25-I014,25-I016,25-I018,25-I022 VoiceAttack=25-I014,25-I022,25-I024,25-I026 VoiceFeedback= MaxDebris=4 Locomotor={4A582741-9839-11d1-B709-00A024DDAFD1} MovementZone=Destroyer DeploysInto=GATICK ThreatPosed=25 ; This value MUST be 0 for all building addons DamageParticleSystems=SparkSys,SmallGreySSys Weight=3.5 EliteAbilities=SENSORS Elite=120mmx AccelerationFactor=0.01 ZFudgeColumn=8 For airplanes, they don't have any turret. Unless you discovered a way to make them different, tell me. Same for new planes, add it to the list and copy/paste it in your map: [AircraftTypes] 100=youraircraft You can give Airplanes a Vehicle Image. SUBTANK (Devil tongue) is one that looks great flying. [youraircraft] Image=SUBTANK cloned codes cloned codes blabla Same for new Infantry, add them to the InfantryTypes list, and copy/paste it in your map [infantryTypes] 40=YourINF [YourINF] Other stuff: BridgeRepairHut=yes ; Together with immune=yes this will make it unable to place C4 Immune=yes Adjacent=200 = u can build this 200 cells away (basically on the entire map) Crewed=yes = There will be infantry coming out when exploded/sold You can see how you can be creative with swapping images and animations. Ive added some mod map files attached for you to look inside, and see what looks awesome. Like the Mobile stealth generator on top of an EMP building, looks very amazing! If you made up something awesome, let me know! So the game will crash if we give buildings an vehicle image, unless it contains the code 'BarrelAnimIsVoxel=true' Which means we give it a turret. (i accidently discovered this when messing with juggernaut, which is the only unit using this code) The building will look kinda funny with the vehicle's image back facing you, so we give it an animation like this: BarrelAnimIsVoxel=true VoxelBarrelFile=ORCATRAN VoxelBarrelOffsetToPitchPivotPoint=-0,0,0 VoxelBarrelOffsetToRotatePivotPoint=0,0,20 VoxelBarrelOffsetToBuildingPivotPoint=0,0,0 VoxelBarrelOffsetToBarrelEnd=35,75,0 VoxelBarrelScale=.75 StartFacing=4 ; DIR_S = 4 << 5 StartPitch=2 ; DIR_E = 2 << 5 You can edit/delete the offset lines and play with it a little. Cncnet contained the art.ini inside of .mix files. You can use XCC Mixer to extract it (install xcc utilities, open with admin rights), plus anything else you want. jacker zone.mpr modmix.mpr Balanceville.mpr TT2.mpr Twighlight.mpr
  6. If no, how far can you go? XD (just to lure players to my map)
  7. Fragile, do they do anything in the script? I'm not familiar with custom houses, but it looks like the triggers should work just fine. Why dont u just delete the units on the map, and just use trigger action 80 instead. It might have something to do with the custom houses. ( btw you should know there is a mistake in the "Do this.." list in the Script section. The " 9 -move in and get eaten doesn't exist. All listed under 9 should have its number minus 1. So your "Do this.. Hunt.. is actually: Do this: Unload. So put it on Ambush (the one below)
  8. Hi Danny. I'm very happy to see more people making maps. I'm very happy to help you with anything Final sun is a little limited to the old style of making mission maps, but cncnet made it easier for us. Don't use the Multi players from that drown down ( the 4-Multiplayer 4 in your pic). They don't work. Instead, type 50 in that box. 50= spawn1 51=spawn2 52=spawn3 etc (ofc as you know waypoint "0" is spawn1) Also, [Houses] 0=GDI 1=Nod 2=Neutral 3=Special 50=Spawn1 51=Spawn2 52=Spawn3 53=Spawn4 54=Spawn5 55=Spawn6 56=Spawn7 57=Spawn8 Add this in your map file too. Every map u open with this code in the map file, you will see this list in the "change owner" in the left list in final sun. Its 100x faster to just give a player to start with stuff with the "change owner" instead of making a trigger for each player and attaching that trigger to the stuff. Unless you want a different event ofcourse. But you don't have to do this every time you create a map., I have the latest final sun updates for you uploaded: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6M2MyqeyRCzWlg4VG5OR28yNXc replace these files with the ones in your final sun folder and enjoy final sun on its best
  9. Holland

    Holland's maps

    hihi i guess I made another one cuz i was bored. Infinite jackers - Neutral vehicles are all over map jumpjet and rocket infs buildable for gdi and nod. No radar/tech or ref buildable after you captured a ref from the middle. Refs are immune, but u can capture. Auto- teams e vs w. Gas inf buildable after radar Play with 4 players or crash. map in attachment below
  10. With some help I understand it now, Copy pasted the FS Manual about tunnel first, then I explain the Tunnel drawer For this tutorial I assume you already know how to edit terrain. This one will explain to you how you can create own tunnel tubes, e.g. that units can move through the tunnels. The tunnel entrances you create with the terrain browser don´t allow the units to pass through automatically, as you may have seen if you tried it! Because of this I´ve implemented a simple version of tube editing, allowing you to specify the start and ending position of the tube. This early version doesn´t support custom curves yet but only automatic curves, and therefore can only be used for connecting two entrances that are divided by another low cliff. As TS/RA2 doesn´t support connecting two entrances in different directions this shouldn´t matter that much. For the standard case it should definitly work! Ok, here first 2 pictures of a tunnel in TS and the same tunnel in FinalSun: As you see, the 2 pictures look quite the same except the tunnels. Scroll to the cliff in that you want to insert a tunnel. Then, use the terrain browser to set the entrances of the tunnel. I´ve marked them with 1 and 2, these are those for dirt terrain. You can of course also uses paved and track tunnels, that doesn´t make any difference. The tunnel entrance that is behind the cliff must fit exactly on the cliff, so that the cliff is not visible anymore! This may look strange in FinalSun, but it is displayed fine in Tiberian Sun. For tunnel 1 it is also needed to select a tunnel side (another tileset), but you don´t have to do anything about the top of the tunnel entrance, leave it as it is. Then use the new tunnel->add tunnel function in the object browser at the left. Click on the left field of tunnel 1 (it is marked with red in the screenshot), and move the cursor with pressed left mouse button the the top left field of tunnel 2. You need to exactly use one of the top tiles of tunnel 2. They look a bit different than the normal ground tiles and they are exactly there where the cliff should be (later in TS)! Release the mouse button, ant the red line you see in the screenshot will be displayed. Do the same for the 2 other parts (if you want to). You don´t need to do this but I recommend it, else only one unit would fit through the tunnel. Try the map in TS/RA2 and find out if a unit can move through *both* ends of the tunnel. If it can only move through one or none, you made a mistake. Q45 Created this nice flash tool to repair the bug that final sun creates. Go and take a look on it on http://www.ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=37881 After you created the tunnel correctly aligned in Fnal sun, go and take a look in the [Tubes] section (In map file or Edit> INI Edting> Tubes) You can use the first 4 bigger numbers in the middle two lines (3 or 4) to see the coordinates that you have to insert in the flash tool example : 3=52,61,0,52,42 Insert those numbers at the top of the flash tool. Draw the lines as how the tool tells you too. Copy and replace the code with the [Tunnel] section in your map file.
  11. I actually came to a point where I want to make them work. I never got into it. On ppmsite forum, someone made a Tunnel creator software that supposedly had to 'right' numbers in the coordinates, which means Final Sun has a bug in the Tunnel creating section. Does anybody know anything about creating tunnels the right way??
  12. Holland

    Race map

    Ptapiok has a map, he once made for fun. called 'City rally', it made me give an idea to create a race map! The only way to do it was to give everyone gates and a laserfence. It was pretty tricky so it took me 11 triggers for every player's gate to create it. Deploy your mcv, you can build lasers and component towers. The lights go red, orange, green. and text triggers: Ready, Set, Go! Everyone starts with a buggy, and you gotta move into your gate. Move close to the laserfence to turn it off. Some obstacles and crates come along your way, repair vehicles every now and there, they are Civilian so anyone can use them. Right after the finish line, everyone will have pitstop: 3 ticktanks that will fix your buggy real quick if you need to. After the first lap, You will get a techcenter and you can make Oblisks. The 2nd lap will give you EMP and fast charging missles. The 3rd lap is (so far) the end of the game, and makes the player win by gaining the temple of nod with infinite seekers. Its the only way i could make a player win. Its fun as hell, try it out! - You can only drive on the clear land - You can build Towers everywhere but not on the clear land As you can see, needed alot of triggers lol] created more stuff and more fun triggers, better explanation and added bomber and sam. Its perfect now. Hopefully no more edits needed Version 18 -No more bugs or unfair tower buildups anymore -A bunch more trigger able obstacles: -Leftover buggies will disappear when less then 8 players Ion Cannon trap; Missle clearing; Destroy/repair bridge; Railgun Controlll; Activate meteorites; Civilians crossing; Activate trains, Fire EMP along path; Firestorm trap; Hunting JJ's, Crossing Mk2 -Just drive over the smudges (burned spots). -preview has hot babe with big boobies -Its exciting when playing with people that know map ideas are always welcome. Cant upload map file above 1 MB appearently, lol big size titties on preview makes it hard to handle i guess https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6M2MyqeyRCzLVlIekNHR2pLTzQ/view?usp=sharing
  13. Does anyone know if there is still a way to make text triggers work? Or are they fully disabled in cncnet?
  14. added 2 of my own maps :roll: bbgreveal.mpr allvsplyr1.mpr maze_waves_medium.mpr
  15. Recent update has fixed lots of errors on TS, but it also made some maps not work like they did before. If there is a map that had special Triggers, like 'reveal all map' at the start of the game, then please consider doing this. So here is what you got to do: Change all the triggers in the map, to the house "Neutral". This is because with the update, GDI and NOD can't own the trigger anymore. Method 1: Open Final Sun Open the map you want to fix Edit > Trigger options House (dropdown menu)> Neutral Do this with all triggers. If there are too many triggers, see method 2 In this GIF example, i used the map "Small Ville" (download map in attachment) Method 2 Open map folder \TiberianSun_Online\Maps\ All maps untouched are in the Custom folder Open desired map file. If asked for program to open, use wordpad press Ctrl+F (or click on Find..) enter: [Triggers] press enter You will see under [triggers] lines like this: 01000000=GDI,<none>,reveal map,0,1,1,1,0 01000001=GDI,<none>,other stuff,0,1,1,3,0 Press Ctrl+H or click Replace.. type in Find what: GDI type in Replace: Neutral Now keep clicking 'Replace' untill you replaced all the lines under the [trigger] section. If you went to far, you can easily undo 1 line at a time with ctrl+z you are done, but do us a favor and edit the name and add something like 'Fixed triggers' You can edit the map name by finding the "[basic]" section and edit the map name there. Now Save (ctrl+s) Use the attached tool "MapNameLinker" to have a list of all map names and the file name. open map folder in program. Ptapiok created this software and will possibly make it better. -small_ville-.mpr MapNameLinker.zip
  16. This is still an issue to many TS players! For me it happend when upgraded to windows 10, so i'm sure we can fix it ourselfs instead of fixing cncnet. Does anyone have an idea?
  17. i feel like such a noob, can't believe i really thought the cause was the w10 upgrade. the reason was cuz they changed the trigger houses, now i'm finally getting what u said funkyfr3sh. Have to change all Trigger's house to neutral, they work again then ive been judging to quickly omg..
  18. EDIT!! OH NEVER MIND WHAT I JUST SAID i FOUND OUT THAT ALL THE TRIGGERS ON MY MAPS DON'T WORK, AFTER UPDATING TO WINDOWS 10!!! THANKFULLY i uploaded all of m on the forum, cuz theres a bug in them now that I can't fix.. Things are clear now, thanks.
  19. I just found out what funky actually said lol... I'm very sad that triggers don't work anymore. There are lots of maps out there with triggers that are played alot. Even 'reveal map' doesn't work anymore. Deleting triggers messed up many maps, I hope it will come back soon!
  20. Thank you for your answer Funky! So good, its for a better cause. Thankfully the Spawn1 houses can be added
  21. Holland

    Holland's maps

    Looks like i'm gonna use this option Iran. Most of my maps uploaded here won't work anymore cuz they recently removed houses 50 to 57 But it's for the best! If it fixes disconnection/error problems then its an improvement. Its just that in my maps, errors are not caused by house changes 50 to 57. Oh well. Gotta go with the change
  22. I've been away for a few weeks and discovered with the new update that the maps that let you start with buildings with using the Trigger Action 'Change house' with parameter 50 to 57, won't work anymore. Do I have to change to spawn1,spawn2 etc? it would be nice if cncnet would enable this options again, because me and my map makers friends have made maps like this. We love to play them, but now we have to work hard to change them again It would be great if you could enable this again!
  23. Holland

    Holland's maps

    Updated 10 Bridges Bridge houses are fixed. No more ion storms Weed doesnt reach bases anymore ADDED 3 NEW UNITS FOR BOTH GDI AND NOD (use techlevel 9 to play without these mods) NOD: - Chem Spray Infantry - Shroud Scouter Aircraft - stealthy EMP vehicle (disables a vehicle or building as long as its attacking it) GDI: - Sniper - ORCA Transport (5 infs with parashute) - Upgraded Wolverine (A bit stronger+ shoots AIR) Tested online, Weapons are fair. Lots of fun when playing with ppl that know map too, so play it often! Download in this message's attachment Other news 2/28/2016: 'MAZE WAVES' ALMOST COMPLETE, WORKING HARD ON IT 10_bridges.mpr
  24. Holland

    Holland's maps

    The Boat map has been updated, get new version in this message Map has become way better, and lots more balanced and fun! Map title is now: Caribbean Battles! What to know: Place Shipyard in water; comes with free Jet ski Jet Ski (Attack cycle) has wolverines weapon, 1 inf can enter to scout! Magmanier(hvrmrls) rides on land and water. is effective in large quantity, but very weak against structures, Dragon Wings (jumpjet) is expensive but fires Flamthrower from the air. GDI Sam upgrade is Juggernaut artillery. Air Lookout, GDI'S SAM! but more expensive then nod's Sam. Whale of NOD (temple of nod) Place in water, is gonna have small superweapon in future update PARADROPSHIP Expensive and slow, but 10 infs can enter, they drop out with parashute when you (force)fire with aircraft Infantry griever ( cyborg reaper), weblauncher and vulcans MG. Goes on land too Solarbeam Focus Expensive, slow, shoots slow to, its laser is not weak and has a HUGE range. great for defense and attack. SeaDevil (apc with mammoth turret), Cloak unit with flamethrower, goes on land too. Emp Bomber Bomber with a single emp bomb, but very weak. Deployable Tesla Coil (mk2) Find a good spot to deploy it cuz u can't undeploy it. It has a very powerfull tesla weapon. You can build around it. Defend this structure. Bay Defender shoots at air and ground/water RPG/SAM FLOAT gdi's powerfull defense ships. GDI can make lots of anti air so there is no firewall, the generator is now buildable on water and shoots a strong disruptor Mutant hijacker is invisible MAKE SURE FIRESTORM IS ENABLED MAP WILL ONLY WORK WHEN THERE IS AT LEAST 1 GDI PLAYING download in attachment: battle_of_the_caribbean.mpr
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