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  1. Helll yeah!!! This is westwoods true great invention, to create the game so it can be easy modified. It seems rediculous now to create a software that includes XCC Mixer's abillities, sunedit 2k's abilities, final sun, and all the other editors. A software as rich as photoshop. But oh hell how I wish it exists. Ptapiok has made a real nice program that should be part of it, its called TSWaveMaker. He is now making a program to easily insert auto-ally in any map. But yeah ill just make tutorials instead.
  2. thanks man. I dont wanna spend too much time fixing all of that though, im just a map maker. It will be cool if we can fix all of that, im glad you posted it! I just learned about mix files the other day, and the rest is coming, dkeeton, rampastring, iran and the other dudes are doing really hard work. I think if we can get ts to the version it should be, it would be way cooler, those cameos and buildings are insane! Obviously they have an abbility i never knew about. But i dunno how that works, besides adding units. maybe they cld add the cloning and chrono and yuri stuff from ra2 too. It explains alot that TS has always been unfinished. CnCnet is pretty close to perfect it tho. The admins are pretty bad ass. I on the other hand, just love to play and create awesome custom made maps. And now they adding new shit, i wish i could go in a time chamber and spend years on making and testing awesome maps with new gameplay. And we see great maps like those coming by like sky's tower defense. Or sky's look out. Ptapiok's mission maps, and my own waveloop ai compstomps, race, and TD maps. Its fucking awesome, honestly i play TS cuz of making maps. We gotta keep on moving and bring new shit, ofc its gonna die if we don't, but all this new shit got so much potential. Older games are just dying, but if they transform with the time they could be great! I mean consciousness is rising on the planet. Sorry it sounds lame, but old things dont serve no more, so lets do crazy shit lol
  3. Place jumpjets at enemy banshees if they in a waypoint loop. jj's will shoot banshees in the air which make m attack the jjs and waste their bombs
  4. We probably gonna get units like this : Lin Kuei Ominae made all this stuff, he is fucking awesome. dkeeton created a pack of many of this new stuff, which hopefully is gonna be uploaded!! https://ppmforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=16227
  5. i have done some studies about what people really enjoy. It is alot of funny stuff and alot of easy stuff and some is skills, but most of all, excitement non stop. Players seem to enjoy having a massive group of a certain unit or units. EA games know about this, thats why they added groups of infs as 1 inf in their new cnc games, which i totally think is stupid and lost its specialness. (old players should know about multi factory) People love to see mass destruction in a single attack. Doesnt it feel wonderfull to drop an orca bomber bomb on top of 50 infs? Players love fast games. even speed mods seems to be very favorable. (Maybe a speed mod option in the game should be considerd to make laggy or long games or ai maps with too many units, playable) People love to rush & people love to just build a base, (gdi and nod are perfectly balanced like that) People love stuff they've never seen, and to learn new skills. Obviously this is why TS is the best strategy game ever, and we have to keep its magic alive. I RECOMMEND to download and play Twisted Insurrection. Or watch the trailer. How does it feel to play/see these new images and animations. Its fuxking awesome, its beautifull and keeps the TS spark. I ASK you guys to note everything you enjoy in TS, and share it. So we can expand toward that.
  6. Hmm its sadly true, there should be more oppurtunity for new players to play a game when they log in. I love that new players still try hard to learn and that they're excited for mod maps, compstomps and towerdefense maps. They truely are one of a kind on Tibsun. The admins keep updating the possibilities on creating maps like this so i made it my must to create tutorials. There is an amazing update coming and i had the privilage to test it already, so guys keep an eye on the update topic, they did alot of work! There is sooo much to come, and if you read this, go and get your game recording software already.btw... WHATS A GOOD RECORDING PROGRAM? I only seem to record my desktop lol
  7. Holy shit!! Nice!! i will use that image, and photoshop the text away. I wanted to mention that xmexyou and me are working on gathering alot of new units including cameo's, so yea you were right they might upload them too! But its not sure yet. I've put them in an image for you for what i have so far, might not use some, the makers do want credit for their work, but its been like 13 years ago since they made them, but i will mention their names anyway if its gonna be launches. here is what i got: I made the ones on top myself: 4tnk, cabal oblisk, flame tank, somebody's mod, and the kodiak
  8. cool thinking. it will take the fun out of doing that yourself tho. Could also make harvester aircrafts, but don't think its possible. Simplest thing to do is to make harv subterrain, with a big minimum radius of using sub
  9. Mammoth thank is [4TNK] in TS. Flame tank is [FTNK]. These are the only hidden ones you can use in your map already. Its funny cuz yesterday i made a cameo (sidebar image) for them both. also i could add the other ones you mentioned too, i saw their .shp files on ppmsite. I can give you a new conquer.mix and art.ini with those mods, simply put them in your ts folder. U just gonna have to add the rules.ini in your map but i cld make those too if you want. But who knows maybe funky will add some of these units for us ;)
  10. You're so right!!!! Yeah man this game has still so much potential, yeah Lin Kuei Ominae is one of those legends . Many more on ppmsite I wonder how far cncnet is allowed to edit the games they manage, do they have to keep the original ts engine? I have imagined stripping the game from the original creations, and leave it with the basics: The list for units and structures, the ground, the clicking and the cursors etc etc. If it would be an open source for modders themselves to create entire new self thought-out gameplays with self made or original graphics and balances. Cuz this is how powerfull westwood created the foundation of the game, it has so much more potential to just have a limit amount of games. But yeah if this could be fixed, this open game would have alot of potential to make alot of money again. (not sure if i sound smart or dumb, im just imagining )
  11. ooh man that would be so awesome!! I usually use existing nod images for gdi and the otherway around for mod units, cuz i don't like the grey icon either! It will be awesome if we could upload our own pics, but that too much asked of course. They are called Cameo by the way. I tried to use the 'Cameo=' code to use a (existing) different pic but it doesnt work. If any admin would reconsider your request, Assist.. that will be great indeed. But i'm pretty sure they won't
  12. How to turn map preview into image of your choice First you need XCC Mixer, download here: http://xhp.xwis.net/utilities/XCC_Utilities.exe I recommend installing it into the TiberianSun_Online\ folder To avoid your map file from being huge, i recommend resizing your image under 257 x 257 Now we need to convert the image you want as preview, to a PCX file, which you can do easily on https://convertio.co/jpg-pcx/ To make it easier, place the image, in the folder where u installed XCC Utilities now open XCC Utilies with Administrator rights!!! When opened, you should already see your image file, if not, browse through it in xcc mixer Right click on your PCX image file and click > Copy as MAP (TS) Preview You should see a confirmation from xcc on the bottom that says: Copy Succeeded. Now XCC Mixer placed a file with your preview codes, in the XCC Utilities's folder. Replace the codes with the ones inside your map Only your map preview will change, you can play the map normally IF YOU DIDN'T KNOW's: • you can open .MPR files by right click -> open with -> wordpad) • All maps and your Final sun maps will be saved In YourDirectory\TiberianSun_Online\Maps\ You can press CTRL+F inside wordpad to find the section you need real quick I meant to put this in tutorials, sorrryy I meant to put this in tutorials, sorrryy
  13. It all works Rampastring!!! xme gave me the new ts-spawn.exe sooo awesome!!! I'm very exicited, I made a list of all the stuff thats working: Place ready building HOTKEY build previous structure HOTKEY Request to controll allie's units HOTKEY Enable short game TRIGGER ACTION Give Credits TRIGGER ACTION SPAWN LOCATIONS FOR TRIGGER EVENTS!!! TRIGGERS CAN BE OWNED BY SPAWNS!! Fake Houses 4 to 49 oTHER NEW STUFF: shft+1 will now add units to team no need to hold alt to rally point a building harvesters will harvest when told to guard harvesters will come out of war factory in guard mode info panel can be toggled fully off no more cheating veterancy by killing your own units or allies units you can add an entry under [Options] in SUN.INI that will force you to hold alt to undeploy art/ticks/mcv. [Options] MoveToUndeploy=No double-tap team number to center team All you guys are so amazing to do all of this for us! Can't wait till all of this is being uploaded
  14. Holland

    Race map

    I'm still gonna work on this map. It's been alot of fun but i'm gonna turn the race into a real Multiplayer towerdefense, where instead of destroying eachothers and racing with just 1 buggy, you can build more vehicles, and everytime you get a vehicle over the finish and through your gate, you get more credits, and the way to win is to reach a certain amount of money: For example You can upgrade to First tech when reaching 50.000, second tech 100.000, etc. With alot more text triggers ofcourse. It will be very easy and quick to make, but it is just an idea for now. first need the new trigger "Give Credits" to work, plus the multiplayer spawn houses to work as event, the developers are working on that!!! so awesome! Cant wait!! Somehow I had the mappreview generator working when i deleted the [triggers] section. Version 24 for now. rally race.mpr
  15. Hey Rampastring, I tested these but i can't get them to work. Have you tested it on tiberian sun?
  16. I'd be using it for map named "All vs player 1", Spawn1 gets a massive base after 7 minuts. I've been struggling with finding the right balance for it, but if i can turn on multi factory with a second timer, then it would take out the imbalance! Second I will use it for mission maps and towerdefense maps, together with Give Credits, Multi factory would be a great reward!
  17. Wow Rampastring, you did it! This will make so many maps more interesting. Especially my race map! Get credits for every lap! AMAZING. or with a text trigger on towerdefensive maps: EVERY PLAYER RECEIVED 5000$. i will let my imagination go on the short game trigger. I wonder Rampastring, if you could do the same for Multifactory
  18. Attached a simple test map, Take 'Start 4'. Just drive MCV over line, and Refinery should explode Event 'Entered by ' - Parameter: Spawn4 testspwn.mpr
  19. Hey don't know if this is discussed some other topic yet, but what happened to all the attachments on messages? Was this done on purpose or accident. hopefully this (pretty awesome) theme is able to restore them if it was not on purpose
  20. Awesome dkeeton! Ok, im very happy to test. I get online usually around 7-9 pm, and in the weekends random times (-06:00 Central Time)
  21. paint random cliffs, hmm... do you mean Paint random trees? that one is fixed. The water can be ugly indeed, but there's nothing wrong with it. It is just the graphics of the game. The water got to be made with very square corners, just look at standard maps, the water is very rectangly
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