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  1. >>>How many nicks should you be allowed to have in the ladder? I should only have 1, i had to vote that way, you are right..the fix was in on it for sure
  2. what i really don't like is the thought of not having a choice, especially when i can have a choice someone making me, especially someone with no standing to....especially when it can be both ways...... is awfully unbearable. that is what i don't like, .....what I will back up my comments with ...if you need a articulated reason.....
  3. we should, and I gladly will, allow for their mods for any who choose to play them
  4. I have 20 years experience with the current mechanics/balance of the game. any change would rob me of that. and we can have both right ?
  5. I need the protein. You like classical music right? no matter how perfect, beautiful, ect. whatever your reasons for you liking it? some just don't. right? it is subjective, and i am not you. i have my own tastes now listen to it,, if you like just don't make every map on ts classical we have other tastes and I am saying some maps on the ladder without those changes and the client without those changes. and my games without those changes. your games how you like them, just don't force it on me, no matter your reasons. no matter how much better you think it is how often in the history of mankind has this played out? I think it is for your own good it is better, you just don't see it..., no, I have free will and I like something different. that is what you are up against I CRY OUT!!! >>> you will have to pry the stock, un-Vet Balanced Tiberian Sun out of my cold dead hands. and I am saying some maps on the ladder without those changes and the client without those changes, and my games without those changes yours, as you like it, mine as I like it. feel free to play your (let me walk you through this. fixed >>= changed >>= modified>>=) mod maps, just don't make me play your mod maps, I don't like them. i guess until you can understand that I appreciate your maps, but..... your ''fixes' are still changes, and they are not to my taste. we will go round and round.
  6. yep, that's me, stupid........ it's a set of changes (modifications) that I just don't like, but wait it's the gift that keeps on giving.. I like TS as it is without those. let me double down on my stupid. no matter what map has been vet balanced(modded, changed balanced altered,fixed), I just don't like the changes it makes. you missing that.. so again feel free to play your (let me walk you through this. fixed>> changed >> modified>>) mod maps, just don't make me play your mod maps, I don't like them.
  7. You are not the only one...😉 every once in a while I question everything also
  8. why don't we work on making fair maps there are some mapmakers around sketch some out and post them!!! we can make them even fair, whatever criteria you desire no pads that will go commando on you..... what does everyone think about that?? I think redemption is a cool map couple of angles to work not just a open play I bet it would work out well
  9. not all would be great candidates for a tourney, but they the ones we play i am just suggesting you be open to a few of those we play also, and you would have more competition, not much at first.... please keep in mind that we are a lot more easy going than some of you, and it can be a bit abrasive to us interacting with some of the players........it won't be ultra competitive for me ever again, fun I hope. with good sportsmanship and a respect for all players no matter how they play. gg to you all. I understand the altered game mechanics that you are talking about, and that is my primary issue with the vet patch. I feel the same way. I know it fixes some of the things that bother you, but it alters the balance of some things like the mods do. we both don''t like that! granted the mods are a bit more pronounced..... and I might get motivated to actually try when I play, i so rarely get fired up and focused. it would be fun for me. I also try to listen to what you have to say, , I have no hard feelings toward you. I so like it when we discuss something civilly. we have done that in the past. I know all of you have had different experiences, and have different personalities. Please. just share the server with us, and even if you don't like what we play, let us play it. Co-exist...respectfully here are a few of the ones we have played over the years... variety is the spice of life!!!!
  10. for what it's worth I started playing mod maps for variety, I got tired of stock maps after the first year, never went back the ultra competitive tezz players are ultra abusive. Not a fan. stayed with the mod players because they were calm cool, polite chill, and fun to play with and be around, after so many games I am better able to judge things, the only glitch that really bothers me is the plane glitch, other than that I am just fine with it. there is a counter to everything and i play in harmony with all the thing giants gso carnage conflict warlord land of war several visceroid maps 4 continents blast from the past forever better throwback supremacy ts for fun land of death visceroid pyrmids battle day 8
  11. at least 16 don't want any of the multiple logs some more only 11 don't want 1 log 11 don't want 1 log 20 don't want 2 logs 16 don't want 3 logs 20 don't want 9 logs 17 don't want unlimited logs lets use tournament wins in place of... player A has 10 wins player B has 1 win player C has 5 wins player D has 1 win player E has 4 wins you're saying player A doesn't win because the other 4 players all together have more wins than player A lol
  12. I think it is not it does not have a representative variety of maps just the ones you like, just the ones you feel are worthy, just the ones you think should be on it. that is not right. there should be maps that the rest of the community plays.
  13. just running your mouth then.. they made the client, server, and ladder for everyone....... if you don't like it leave..
  14. and they made the client, server, and ladder for everyone....... are you saying you speak for them? >>> or are you just running your mouth???
  15. and it's not not yours to do with as you please.........
  16. it is meant for everyone.
  17. 10 votes for (11 wanted other than) 1 log 1 vote for (20 wanted other than) 2 logs 5 votes for (16 wanted other than) 3 logs 1 vote for ( 20 wanted other than) 9 logs 4 votes for (17 wanted other than) unlimited logs any other combination would display the same outcome showing more wanted the other choices, and by a wider margin. and plurality is the word i used. You truly, truly are an ignorant person.
  18. only a tyrant would think that...... proper would be > you're an idiot, who has no rights. and idiot means 'a stupid person'... are you reading what I'm writing? and I like two lefts....
  19. did you ask a question? looks to me like you just decided for everyone. a question would go like this What maps do you think we should have on the ladder....? and I would answer..... What you play and what I play both regardless of what I think of your maps......
  20. we meaning you or we meaning all the members of the community? we meaning what you play, or we meaning what all the members of the community play we meaning what you like, or we meaning what all the members of the community like? you certainly don't mean what we play on the ladder because that is only what you play you reading what I wrote?
  21. or My bad 18 minutes.......
  22. again deciding what is proper >>self appointing again 'majority of players who played and won ladder played official maps, and not giant style maps' or 'Since when was mod games on the ts ladder ever ? It has never been. ' you can't even keep your story straight for 5 minutes you should go back and edit your posts so everyone won't know you are a moron
  23. I played mods like docs and land o death on the ladder, as well as stock maps when I won, so perhaps it is you ? 51-1 and the 1 was a instant win. remember that over b4 the mcv fully deployed, and you right to you it has always been about stock maps. you might see beyond that someday. that's my point not everyone is about stock maps there are others....
  24. that's what you are doing..you don't speak for me it was any map you chose to host. shows again you don't know what you are talking about
  25. I do not understand your comment.. how are you offended by this? build a way to easily implement what you like into the client.. play what you like? and suggesting the maps you play be included in the tourney as well?? ??????
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