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  1. Fixed it. Had to set the mix to the game directory.
  2. Just something I made real quick. The hills are kind of sloppy on this one. Needs some work 4-way offense defense v1.3.map
  3. So this method is the one i used to do for generating HD map images. It no longer works for me. Instead when I execute the command It opens up the Red Alert 2 and Tiberium Sun Map Renderer program v When I hit render map through the program I get a message saying Rendering appears to have failed. Would you like to transmit a bug report containing the error log and map to: Email etc.
  4. Might be better for someone developing carpel tunnel to be forced to use more upper arm strength as opposed to only wrist strength for mouse movements. Another benefit of using a heavier mouse. Of course, i'm just guessing, and these theories would have to be tested.
  5. Would a 10 pound steel mouse play much better than a light weight plastic mouse? I hear some gaming mouses are intentionally made heavier. Perhaps a heavier mouse can take more applied force while maintaining precision in terms of pointer sensitivity. Also it'll survive those rage quits when you throw it across the room.
  6. aWarNoob1

    Kabooooooom error

    Not sure. Try reinstalling the client. Maybe try reinstalling the game. Did you download and install the game from Origins? What operating system are you using? Make sure you have the latest version of cncnet.
  7. Right after opening cncnet client at the main menu screen double click at bottom message bar where the client version is stated. It will then prompt you to update to the latest version if you don't already have it. Sometimes this will fix this issue.
  8. Other players may kick you if they think you are newb or something. This is not a technical issue. Its very common on this client. Don't worry if your ping sometimes comes up as NA. What you should try to do is host your own gamerooms and use command /CHANGETUNNEL to enter a list of tunnel servers. Try using Donita-Dunes tunnel server. See what happens.
  9. Them speakers are nice, but I recommend taking it a step further bro. It's worth it!
  10. I cant find this one survival map i'm trying to edit. I know its in my custom maps folder because I play it on cncnet all the time. I've got thousands of maps in my custom maps folder and 95% of them have no specific file name. Just random numbers and letters. Any help.
  11. I'm a big fan of Hi-Fi. I've got a pair of Klipsch high efficiency speakers I use for my turntable setup. They're crispy clear sounding speakers and they're loud!! I have them paired with a low power tube amp. Heres my general Hi-Fi setup: Project Essential ii turntable paired with Ortofon OM 20 cartridge. A Little Bear t11 tube preamp fitted with a Soviet 6C4P-EV NOS rectifier tube and some Tungsol 12ax7 tubes. A Reisong a10 single-end triode tube-amp fitted with some Tungsol EL34 tubes, some Russian 12ax7s, and a Tungsol 5AR4 for the rectifier. The amps are made in china (Chi-Fi.) This is the lowest cost setup that will give you access to true high fidelity sound. This'll cost you no more than 1k but sound like a 5k+ setup. I have first pressings of some of my favorite bands that absolutely blow me away. Its just scary how good it sounds. Here's the thing. I also can bypass my TT and run the input through my computer. I'm playing YR through this setup constantly. Just. Amazing!
  12. Nice Edifiers. I have the R1280T. Bought from Amazon.
  13. I wouldn't even open this one. I'd already know the mouse ball would make the gameplay garbage. Best to keep it sealed as a collectors item. Download a free version of RA online and done.
  14. aWarNoob1

    RA2 Taunts

    If you lower the game volume through the client settings, it'll still keep the taunt volume as if its at max.
  15. Old School! I wonder how gameplay would be with these:
  16. Another thing that would help tremendously for the cnc client would be the option to organize players by various categories. For example, alphabetical-order and friends list.
  17. This map has come a long ways. Dont download this urban version though. It's full of glitches. Here is the working Sedona Global Warming: Edited and fixed by Tutankhamun
  18. @Tutankhamun Is this the [!!Remastered!!] [Fixed] version of the map? What's in the [Fixed] version?
  19. I like the change of lighting you did on these maps. Just tried rebirth, it's great.
  20. Maybe should be YR icon next to badges? Here's the Xwis lobby back in the day: Notice only 26 players in lobby, yet it looks very active and colorful. Each guy with his rank, badge, and clan was bringing something to the table. The backdrop image is also a bit darker on CnCNet. Would be nice to brighten it up a bit.
  21. Did it have a plastic/petrochemical smell to it? That's my only gripe when ordering things from China. They have low regulations on the materials they use. I have a chi-fi tube amplifier I bought a year ago that still has a faint chemical smell to it when I turn it on. When I first unboxed it, I'd almost fainted it was so bad. I had to air out my room that had now been turned into a Chernobyl #2. They're called Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs. Most Chinese products I buy have this distinctive smell to them, unfortunately.
  22. I'm not sure about this. We already have the option for no spot previews. Also on CnCNet many pros can easily change their nickname to remain anonymous. Part of the game is knowing who you're playing against and adjusting accordingly. If you're a pro finding yourself being teamed by a bunch of randoms, then I'd say, some fault lies with you for not knowing what game you were getting yourself into. If it's a free for fall, then it's a free for all to decide whom they need to attack. Besides most pros i've seen in these situations can hold their ground and would even welcome the challenge. I recall Matt and Paff winning a 2v6 on heck vs a bunch of regulars once, but even if they lost, do you think it would be a world shattering victory? It's not like it's a 1v1 or anything. It's a FFG and most good players can only grow stronger from these situations. One last thing is that theres a ton of guys on cncnet that dont even know who the good players are. Some are more popular like @Kikematamitos whom I've heard complain about this very thing you're talking about OP. The thing about him though is the audience he attracts. He gets thousands of views on his YR youtube videos, and i'm sure that brings in a few trolls who will follow him and team against him when they get a chance. From my experience, I rarely see this unfair teaming against pros that you're talking about. Even if it's an FFA and some guy has nickname [RxP]Win2Apoc or whatever. I don't see it happening that much.
  23. Sorry OP, I do understand where you're coming from with this. I just wanted to extend a bit on what Sam-I-am commented about. With that said, I'm no pro, so I wont say which exact mouse I use. Only that it's a generic Logitech I bought at wal-mart for around 15 dollars. Gets the job done. No issues. I've dealt with shitty mouses before, and it's the worst for proper game-play.
  24. Same thing with musical instruments. Most pro guitar players know that if Eddie Van Halen were to pickup any random guitar he'd still sound like Eddie Van Halen. Yet the nobos were still paying thousands for replicas of his exact guitars just to try to sound like him. Ok, you might get closer to his guitar tone, but are you a multi-hit composer now? Skill comes first then the toy.
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