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  1. Same thing with musical instruments. Most pro guitar players know that if Eddie Van Halen were to pickup any random guitar he'd still sound like Eddie Van Halen. Yet the nobos were still paying thousands for replicas of his exact guitars just to try to sound like him. Ok, you might get closer to his guitar tone, but are you a multi-hit composer now? Skill comes first then the toy.
  2. Did you install YR through Origin Games? First things first is locating the game directory and custom maps folder. Then, whatever new map you've created will have to end with extension .map for the cncnet client to read it.
  3. I bet everyone always selects No Spy.
  4. It seems this channel was revived about a week ago. I just now heard of it. Subscribed!
  5. How much would it cost for an app version of the CnCNet website, and would it be possible to make this happen through fundraising means? I presume the admins would oversee such a project. The reason I bring this idea up is because I believe it'd be the best way to increase forum activity. It seems as though most posts on here are related to maps and technical issues and not so much on random fun stuff, which is fine, but the activity is also disproportionate to the many players you find on the client. Some enticing features could be personal messaging and real time chatting with other players. This way you can stay in conversations with other users, on your phone, while playing ingame. Maybe even a separate client lobby interface on the app. I know many YR players already use discord for messaging purposes, but it could be better to have it all done through official CnCNet means. Sorry, I know nothing about programing, so I don't know how much of a pipe dream this ultimately is. I also understand that the cost to create an app could be prohibitively expensive. I would love for someone who is in the 'know how' to weigh in.
  6. Yes, more people need to speak up about these things. So far the admins haven't even responded to the upsurge of loading/connection issues, which I think is a far more pressing problem. Hopefully they can drop a comment informing us that they're at least aware of these issues.
  7. Yeah, but thats a cheap fix. The point is for the entire community to enjoy these tracks. This would mean the Cncnet admins releasing a new client update making this change happen. I know i've heard these tracks a million times, and yet I still like them. Also the replayability factor goes up when we're dealing with 25 total tracks as opposed to only the 9 tracks we currently have on YR.
  8. Nothing the matter with the YR soundtrack. I just don't understand how in this case 'less is more' Why would they remove the Ra2 tracks? Was there people complaining about the Ra2 tracks being in the YR game? No. Was having the Ra2 tracks in the YR gamemode causing performance issues? I doubt it. There was no reason why they should have removed them. I say bring them back.
  9. There's a number of people reporting connection issues since the previous client update. Hopefully the admins will release a fix soon. In the meantime try other work arounds. To me it sounds like you might have your firewall blocking the game? Have you tried hosting the gameroom yourself and running alternate tunnel servers? Also try running the game on a different PC.
  10. I played some maps with @[CC] RaVaGe yesterday where the tank destroyers had more strength. It was interesting. It made me realize how this particular unit had the potential to be useful had Westwood amp'd them just a tad bit. Only thing was, this time i think they were too OP. I wasn't expecting it, so I let my rhinos go in and be slaughtered by em. Oh well, was GGs.
  11. Cutting the Ra2 soundtrack from the main-game was a big mistake. I understand trying to keep it true to the original, but just not in this case. Most players only play YR and will rarely have a chance to enjoy the rest of these great tunes. Having the full soundtrack with the main game was a welcomed feature that needs to be brought back. I'm sure many Cncnet players would agree. +1 for Hm2 and Grinder Frank Klepacki is Legend
  12. Hell yeah! thank you YosefAnan! Could you link me to your youtube tutorial for writing onto minimaps ? Edit: Nvm i found it
  13. Hi! So I have this map I was working on. It just needs a hd minimap preview for the cncnet client. I was wondering if someone can generate a highreso minimap and attach it to the map source code using XCC. I've been able to do it before, but lately i'm having trouble with the map renderer. I don't know if it's been recently updated or what. Sorry for this and I appreciate if anybody can help. P.S. The map is kind of sloppy. I made it just to have fun between me and some pals. Feel free to make any tile or cliff corrections you deem necessary to it. It's an 8 player version of the official game map Face Down. facedown-2.0.map
  14. Yes! This is a separate issue that needs addressed aswell. The specific loading issues i'm referring to happen even on a freshly made gameroom. I don't know much else about it besides these things that i've noticed: *Something like 1 in 5 games will fail to start due to 1 or multiple players not loading. *Sometimes the same players will fail to load on retries. *Sometimes changing the tunnel server will fix the issue. *Sometimes a person that used to connect will all of a sudden stop loading into games (Not due to the Auto-Ready bug mentioned by Ezer. Chatting with said player a second before starting game is how to know this.) *If you're not loading into games, try restarting the Cncnet client. This is how i fixed it on my end when I was no longer loading into games. This fix did not work for 2 other players who tried this method.
  15. Holy cow! Reminds me of Monument Valley. Awesome work once again!
  16. Has anyone noticed an increase in connection/loading issues since the previous update? I've been playing many games the past week and noticed that roughly 1 out of 10 players will fail to connect and load the game. It happens quite frequently, and there seems to be an increase since before the previous client update. I'm hoping the CnCNet admins will address this issue. Thanks!
  17. "Is It worth it to spam Tank Destroyers vs Enemy Tanks/Vehicles?" Short answer: No Long answer: Hell no
  18. Don't know why the watermark by photobucket. I'll have to update the image file later
  19. Map works flawlessly. Thinking about doing an Australia or China one next.
  20. Part of the reason i don't play YR online anymore is that the toxicity has gone through the roof as of late. Maybe I've just gotten unlucky with the particular game rooms i've been joining. It's off-putting, but something to contend with on any online game I suppose.
  21. higher reso for gameplay lower reso for observing Kike pero si ya has tenido el canal mas popular de videos de yuris. Yo pienso que lo hacias bien. Si te lo piden mucho, lo puedes variad. Has unos videos en baja resoluccion y otros en alta. Alamejor le pones en el titulo que "for mobile" y "HD" o algo asi. Ese Kike! espero tu nuevo video en youtube. Aver para cuando nos jugamos.
  22. Splitting the music between YR and Ra2 mode was one of the biggest mistakes made. Less than 10% of people ever select Ra2 mode on CnCNet, and the Ra2 music is easily the better soundtrack.
  23. I've gotten a lot of mixed views on this map. Some love it, and some hate it. One guy rage quit claiming this was the worst map he's ever seen 😄 The problem with this map is that the game play is bit tedious due to its size. It takes too long to walk units across the map and because of this your enemy will have seen you coming way before you get near his base. Expect long drawn out games even with Super weapons turned on. Also the cities lack proper building placement with a decent spacing between them and paved roads. The map is vastly empty and could use a bit more decoration. Maybe I'll get around to modding it soon. Yes, @cypher the resources are balanced with 40k, 4 ore posts, and 2 oil derricks per player spawn. There are no extra ore deposits farther outside player spawns. I appreciate the criticism, and I'll take it all into account. Thank you. I did enjoy playing this map, and I know some people will like it. It calls for a different gamestyle, and thats ok. Just dont expect a quick game on this one. Edit: Map updated. I added more ore posts per player spawn. I removed all police cars, and I removed some special buildings. I probably should have removed the unfinished buildings, but I just left them in for now. I'll probably remove them later on. Yes there is a lot more i need to mod on this map.
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