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  1. They are expensive though. What are they like 500 a piece? I think only Tesla Trooper costs just as much. Gaurdian Gi's cost only 400, and they're waaay better units vs tanks than both tesla trooper and brutes. I don't think any of these units need re-balanced though. Perhaps flak trooper can be buffed? Also these 3 units should be buffed aswell: Chrono Commando, Chrono Ivan, and PSI commando. You say these three are already very strong units, so why? It's because once someone has these units available its only a matter of time until they win anyways. Might aswell let them be strong enough to finish the job quicker. Also works to remind players not to allow themselves to be spied.
  2. If you have enough rhinos, then yes, you can overtake his infantry with that and preferably by squishing them.
  3. This seems true, except I can easily imagine a pro sov player who's good at splitting tanks and harassing with drones and ivan bombs to take the cake. It depends on the map too. Here's a way a sov can win vs allied when sw is off: Moving mcv towards opponent and base walking. keep building sentry closer and closer to their base. Bf wont go near sentry or fodder, so you just keep pushing them back until his units are cornered or you're at his base. You'll need very good micromanagement. Especially when he tries to get prism or air to kill your fodder. I would recommend picking off units one by one with rhino tanks, and numbering which tanks have the most kills. This way you can repair them. Focus on those tanks becoming leet. Once you have leets its gg for this weak-ass allied player who expected a free win because sw is off. He will proceed to cry before switching to yuri for the next game. Now YvS with sw off will be the real challenge.
  4. I dont even know wtf he's saying, but it so hilarious.
  5. lmaoo! i am convinced XGalaxyZ is the true spammer of hungry Yuri brutes.
  6. If you dont feed them, then they become hungry. The hungry yuri brutes are the worst to play against!
  7. What if you anti-scout, multi-barrack, rush, and sell mcv, say, on a small map like dune patrol? 2 or 3 gat tanks to take out iraq deso or allied air. Just gotta reach his base before he can make a seal or some such thing. If you first hit his radar, then it's game over. I mean versus human player of course.
  8. Maybe 1000 brutes to 60 prism tanks would work? You say only half that killed just 1 tank, but sometimes, when it comes to these unit spamming rush attacks, just having a tad bit more can tip the scale making you win. Thats why I thought you were serious about winning with brute spam vs human players. I've seen crazier tactics.
  9. Haha very good! I am impressed. Still looks like a survival map though.
  10. Please make the video montage that I ask for, and make a post about it showing to all how awesome yuri brutes are! Then I will see with my own eyes the power of your yuri brute spam. Even if only versus Ai_Players 😛
  11. Would be funny to make a video montage of brutes owning other players and this music playing:
  12. Boooo! I thought you were serious. What a anticlimax.
  13. I would guess that flak trooper is one of the least used infantry units, no? Maybe they'd be good if they somehow increased flak track firing rate when paired inside.
  14. Good idea. It would be a nice help for us map makers.
  15. I've never heard of anyone actually trying such a tactic. I know genetic mutator will give a few brutes, but its never enough to actually tip the scales in a given match. Perhaps your brute spam tactic would work in a rekoool or infinite money type game...do you agree?' Let us know! have you tried spamming brutes versus a strong pro player and won? Perhaps you and me can test it out someday. I dont doubt you @XGalaxyZ, i just have never seen it done before...that's all. P.s. those pictures with brutes you posted is of a survival map. We need real proof.
  16. I have another post about this. Please lets get them ra2 tunes back onto YR !
  17. All it takes is one seal to turn your brute spam into a slaughter.
  18. Looks like a good allied map. Mirage and para on middle hills would own on this. 🤘 nicely done Tutankhamun
  19. We're on the discord planning this thing, but i'll eventually make the official tournament post here on CnCNet. It's sort of looking like it might be 3v3 bo3 for $300 usd prize to the winning side, or 4vs4 one shot games with $400 usd for the winning side. We'll have an announcement by later this month.
  20. I recall an admin a while back commenting about how easy it would be to increase the player count. We're trying to plan a 4vs4 tournament for the 20th anniversary of YR in October of this year. We just need an extra slot for someone to spectate and stream the games. This would be a spectator only slot and can't be switched to any faction, with a total of 9 players per game room. @burg93 @Grant
  21. October 10th, 2021 If not, lets do this! I'll pitch in 100 usd if someone can match me. Maybe @burg93 can set it up. 2v2 / 3v3 tournament.
  22. Its not just OP. I just tested this. I got the same internal error after trying to load a saved game.
  23. Hasn't someone already done something like this with the SRJ maps? or whatever they're called? Also how would Ares and Phobos compare with something like Mental Omega, which already has CncNet client support doesn't it?
  24. I'll add another specific case for a reconnection error. On the map Sedona Pass, when the repair depot on spot 2 is captured, there is a higher likelihood of recon error happening. Also, in regard to case number 2, I've seen a recon happen following the destruction of a gap generator. This would add more weight to the often said claim that a recon is due to someone using map hack. Maybe these particular recons have something to do with shroud/map reveal/map hacks causing a recon/crash. I don't know much else about it unfortunately.
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