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  1. Bro if you were to teleport with that thing back to the 1960s, what would people think this device is even for?
  2. It's very off putting in character. Are you guys sure it's the real FlyingZ though?
  3. aWarNoob1

    Fresh install

    You can buy and download from Origin. You will then need to install the CnCNet client to play on a Windows machine, as the original game is kind of glitchy on these operating systems.
  4. You mean on quick match or just any ffg game? Very sad this is happening
  5. What if you spam apocalypse tanks vs another player who spams mind control?!?😮 How would you support your apoc spam versus a good yuri player?
  6. What's the latest figures? If the games ever get a steam release, then you can bet activity will be going up again.
  7. probably not the best way, but one suggestion is to wall off other players with tesla towers and flak cannon. Make sure they're powered. Then at 15 minutes or whenever, have a nuke spam trigger to destroy said tesla towers and flak cannon. At least there'd be a nice fireworks show. I recall some Tour of Egypt maps having the middle walled off with rocks or something, and after the 15minute timer, the wall would just disappear.. This is probably a better way to do it.
  8. Open a skirmish gameroom, and right-click a custom map to delete it.
  9. I wouldn't mind learning how to do smart A.I. triggers for survival maps whether that be with FA2's .ini editor or using Notepad++ Just whatever works really. It's hard finding survival maps with decent A.I, so I'd rather try to make one myself. Maybe i'll start a new topic related to this. In the meantime I think Yosefanan has a number of survival-map making tutorials on youtube that i could check out. Any help is appreciated. I've made various custom maps over the years, but I still have lots to learn, I admit.
  10. The best survivals I played recently have been the Evil Hate Survivals by Aerion. The A.I. is ok, but the challenge comes with the shear brute force of each wave and how fast they come at you. Before you deploy your MCV you already have 5 elite waves rushing towards you.... Ok maybe not that bad, but you know what I mean. Try Evil Hate Survival v.27 If you beat that one let me know. I made an edited version of v.27 with No Yuri Tech. Extremely difficult map no doubt. Edit: Actually Aerion just released a No Yuri edit of this map recently. Here it is. 940e6c9b2ed660b4f27897147e1e40f3b842d4c9(1).zip An older version, V.17 Watch this video just to get a feel for this one. Notice how Yuri Tech makes this one seem easy? Try it with no Yuri for some real fun. The rest of the Evil Hate Survivals by Aerion can be downloaded here: http://mapdb.cncnet.org/search.php?game=yr&age=0&search=Evil+Hate+Survival
  11. Damn was that one really made back in 2002? I thought most of these mission maps you're posting are recent creations. The oldest custom maps I know of are the Flying Z survival maps like Matrix and Lunatic Moon. I did start back on Xwis though. I'm sure there's a ton of custom maps I've missed out on over the years.
  12. Looks like a relatively new YouTube channel. He is uploading some good Ra2 and YR content. I'm subscribing now.
  13. @XGalaxyZ What do you think about buffing the explosion range of Cuban terrorists, even moreso, only when rigged with Crazy Ivan bombs? I think more people would play as Cuba if this was the case.
  14. You guys are confusing two different things here. Here's the arguments you guys are making: "Soviets are the WEAKEST side!" "Allied are STRONGER than soviet!" Why? "because look at everything the allies have! Rockies, ggis, bfs, mirage, prism tank, seal ifvs, spy, etc" More variability =/= stronger side Allies call for a different gamestyle and yes, i've seen some pro allied players who are godly with micromanaging all that stuff. ,but that doesn't de facto make Allied a better faction to play with. What I'm referring to as a better faction here is which side is more likely to help you win, allied or soviet. This now boils down to which play style works best for you. If you want to throw in these contingencies about "SW off" or "NO IRAQ" than o.k. we can have a separate argument about that. Just remember that most pro games are not even played with those settings. I'll admit that the Soviet side is mostly only used with Iraq and maybe Libya, but really, are you claiming allies have so much more? First of all, Germany sucks, and no one takes a France player seriously. That only leaves Great Britain, USA, and Korea. For the latter you have to still be good with Eagle control as not every allied player is good with those. USA paradrops are instant kill with deso. Maybe GB snipers can be considered a minor nuisance. I'm not sure this is enough to justify preferring allied over soviet. I've already admitted that allied may have an upper hand in a late game, but even then it depends who is playing which side. To claim that soviet are completely useless in late game is a lie. I've spectated 15 minute games where a soviet player turns the tables on a campy allied dude with his mirage and bfs. As for soviets losing if they wouldn't make rhinos? Would you send a soldier into battle without his rifle? Would you laugh at the lion if he didn't have his 4 legs to hunt? What I mean is that yes! we know Rhinos are our strongest unit, and we use them to our advantage, so what of it?! I'll leave you guys with this video of 3 games, Soviet Vs. Allied, all won by the Soviet player. Notice the last two games go for quite a while:
  15. Also you guys keep going on about how sovs are the weakest and would stand no chance IF you dont make iraq desos, and IF sw is off, and IF its late game, and IF allied player has 50 bfs, and IF sov doesn't make any rhino tanks. etc. etc. I'm not entirely sure what point you guys are trying to make here really. The take away though is this: Sov is generally the stronger faction. Maybe with sw off it might be difficult against yuri, but that's it. The rest depends on the player's skill level and map selection.
  16. I'm going to link an old thread from the Xwis forums where pro allied player PiNeRs even agrees that Sov are a way better faction than allied. He makes a lot of solid points in this, and i'll quote a few that I think are relevant to this thread. https://xwis.net/forums/index.php/topic/174385-sovs-and-allies-the-official-comparison/ " 11.Camping Either faction can camp if they so chose. However the soviets do not have to invest much on camping because their tanks are superior and they are usually massing tanks anyways because thats what they do. So the soviet army compistion is perfect for camping-- if they so choose. The allies on the other hand do no have this luxory. In order to camp they need to set up a specific postion with paras and or alot of dogs and pillboxes or even prism towers because they are quite often not just spending all of their resources on tanks.... " " 13. Late game The allied, in alot of cases do indeed have a better late game. Paradrops are free, spies, ore pures and navy finally comes into play, etc. However, red alert is a very fast paced game and usually doesnt go that late most games. Not to mention most maps do not favor end-game situations anyway (see goldenstatefreeway and urban rush). The problem is GETTING to an advantagous late game. A spy is 1600 credits with ifv. One drone can take it out if seen for only 500, and the drone lives. The ore pure takes alot to get to, let alone let set in. 2000 for the blab, 2500 for the orepure, and 1600 for the 2 extra power plants. And then ur eco STARTS. Meanwhile the sov just built 3 more warfacs and is splitting. Good luck holding. It is very difficult for the allied to set up an advantage vs an expert sov. The sov has to miss something. A split for miner, a spy, messes up TC, misses a para, etc. If both play correctly, the soviet player should theoretically win majority every single time, and thats assuming its a fair map and most favor sovs as it is. " " In conclusion soviets are better at tank fights, have better fodder, have a time and money advantage, are better at rushing, are better at stoping rushing, are better at laming, are better at stopping laming, have better miners, are better at killing armies with only one unit, are better at cuttin off angles, have better superweapons, have a greater intial navy threat, have equal air threat on certain maps, have easier job for micromanging units, can camp better, can set up an attack better, can run away better, can engage better. Allies have, sometimes, a better late game in a game thats very fast paced and rarely goes into late game. " That last bit is the important part. Allies sometimes have a better late game, but it depends on the map, and it rarely should ever go to a late game. Bottom line is, Sov is a better faction with Sw either on or off. Also Iraq is the perfect faction for sov. We sov players don't mess around. We know what works and we stick to it.
  17. Letting Ivan go leet with the more stuff he blows up is an interesting idea. Perhaps elite ivan's bombs can blow up faster, and he sprints across the map faster too. It would go well with this unit's character. Crazy fast! Crazy leet Ivan! run for it!
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