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  1. Sat can be destroyed by planes. Soviets should spend a lot on its defense. Map is very big. Sat needed. Alies has gap-generators. Have to use it. More ore, or reactor.. What the difference? It is easier to reach the base on this island by howercrafts. Island needs some compensation. And i gave it. Reactor is easy reachable to carriers. And often it destroyed by paratroopers from higher ground. It needs additional defense. It is not a very big advantage. its a small compensation. Its needed. This map is balanced.
  2. spysats have all players. If no spysat, than it will be hard to play for soviets. in first versions of the map, there was no reactor. but, when we played this map, we could see, that top-left island is weaker then others. Then i desided to put reactor to make this island balansed with others.
  3. I know english bad. Bunkers are reachable to carriers and dreadnaughts. Its not a problem. Vote my map to make it official in neibour topic.
  4. [4] Storm Red Alert 2 map. The best naval map ever. Enjoy. [4] storm(cccp84).map
  5. Red Alert 2 map. [4] - - - S T O R M - - - The best naval map ever. Enjoy. Vote for this map in topic : CnCNet Custom Maps - submit yours! to make it official. Download last fixed version whith a new good-quality preview: 22.02.2019 [4] storm(cccp84).map
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