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Tiberian Sun Tournament 2019


Tiberian Sun Tournament 2019  

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  1. 1. Money

    • I'm willing to put up cash for a 1v1 tournament.
    • I'm willing to put up cash for a 2v2 tournament.
    • I'm willing to put up cach for both 1v1 and 2v2 tournaments.

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We would have to reverse the toxicity amongst the community to have a successful tournament. Too many key people are on shit terms and it’s not gonna change because nobody over the age of 30 is gonna examine themselves and address faults, make apologies, etc. I’ll prove it, watch this -

xme, sorry for being a jerk about the QM ladder. I know it probably seems like I don’t appreciate your effort due to my roasting you over the QM ladder but I am happy you exist, for your work. I would like to offer help financially or with ideas, grind work, etc. if there are any projects in the works.

humble, sorry for not being more sensitive to your unique persona. I shouldn’t force my expectations on how people should treat other people.. onto other people, you are who you are. Etc etc.. I should have made a better effort to acknowledge the things that bothered you instead of ignoring it. I bet if I made the effort to understand and recognize your peeves and  not push topics that you find senseative things can be different.

TRZ, Sorry for never giving you a chance and being overly critical of you mostly out of pure bullyism and bad habit. I admire your passion for this game and your desire for greatness within it. No reason we can’t cold turkey move forward, can leave the aggression in the past.

To everyone else who I’ve pissed off and can’t specifically remember: sorry for that thing I did that time at that place. My sense of humor is heavy in deprecation and i acknowledge that if you aren’t my friend and don’t know me then you are not going to see the humor in a mean spirited comment because you have no reason to suspect otherwise. 

Good luck! ? 


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52 minutes ago, TRZ said:

I never had a problem with you until your constant message abuse in games lol. Im down to let it all go. Im also up for putting a little cash up.

Exhibit A point proven. Have a nice day 

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On 7/12/2019 at 6:19 AM, TRZ said:


I was making a point that this game is full of man children by making a “tell them what they want to hear” apology. Just so it would be ignored or responded to with acceptance but a complete denial of having any flaws in their own behavior that helped lead to the current state of things.

For example, I could tell you what you want to hear and agree to get along with you. But since your unwilling to acknowledge yourself as a BS artist I would never be able to have a real association with you. As soon as the next time you say something dumb or lie I either have to ignore it and cuck to you, or shut it down resulting in an argument you aren’t going to back down from. And since you will choose to die on the dumbest hills instead of consider you might have a logic gap any disagreement will put us right back where we started.

Have a nice day

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1 hour ago, TRZ said:

i asked you what i  have ever lied about and you said something sarcastic. until you can tell me what ive lied about and show me how i lied....i dont know really what to tell you.

I wasn't being sarcastic with that answer. Your problem is that you have crossed beyond the realm of lying and into the real of delusional.

"I have deadly kicks" "I never cheated" "I was pro in the games prime" blah blah blah

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back to topic.

Can we make a tourney which is not 2 games termination for a change.

We have 3 main maps, where players swap sides each map. That gives 6 games. And all players play each other, and we use a points system, where you get points for wins. This way the player with most points in the end wins.

For instance:


Tiberium Garden (pretty fair map overall)

and one more?


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like a premier league/champs league... will there be group stages??


The Tiberian Sun World Cup!!


tiberium forest you mean? or tib garden redux? wtf


another one could be dueling.. 


points/group stage into knock outs... then run a mini league inbetween tournaments... damn what will happen to the ranked ladder then

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Tiberium Forrest. Its in the ladder aswell.

CL for Tiberian Sun. Thats right :)


We also need a 2v2 tournament, me and humble will win it. No teams stand a chance.

I mean we like salt n pepper, butter and bread, unstoppable. lol.

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