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#Suggestions: Make CncNet's Ra2/YR Platform Great Again!


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Hello. (First of all i apologise if i post this under wrong topic, Please correct it if i'm wrong).

After playing CncNet daily for a long time i came up to few ideas and i wanted to start this topic to provide few suggestions about the CncNet Client. 

I also want to add that i play Ra2/YR since Westwood Studios times. And there is a lot of stuff i'm missing.

1. Registering username ID's so everyone has a unique name which only he can use with his password.
2. Only Registered names can compete in ladder matches.
3. Bringing back the Badge system that registered players can earn a badge based on the points they earned during the Tournament.
4. If its not possible to use same badges Westwood Studios and XWIS did then use similar ones. ( i heard that there is already a badge system at the moment for the first 25 Rank players correct me if i'm wrong). So what i'm basically asking is to give badges to each and every player based on their current ranks. ( long story in short im asking CncNet to bring back the good old badge system )
5. Make it possible for players to ban others permanently and also give a option to unban. (it will teach some to behave) (And also a command line to check banlist)
6. Make it possible to when you right click on a Registered ID's name a menu opens that shows and redirects to that players CncNet profile and to his Tournament history.
7. Give registered names special fonts in lobby to make them look unique. Give top 3/5 Rank players even a much more unique fonts and make their names shine in lobby.
8. A Tournament system which is held 3 weeks long. with 1 week brake. end of the tournament the scores getting calculated and players earn their badges.
9. Make players who D/c in tournament matches automatically the loser of the round.
10. Bring back the good old Clan system. (Also make it possible that each clan has a clan page that shows which members are in it etc.)
11. Make C&C/Ra2/YR Great Again!.

With a lot of love and respect to this awsome community who keeps the GOAT game running.

iMNaSTy aka NaSTyNOoB.


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4 hours ago, Ezer_2000 said:

I'll ban you permamently and it will teach you how to behave.

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(Do you really believe this is going to work out?)


If i flood your game rooms with my nosense hatred crap everyday wudn't you like to have a option to permanently ban me?. Well i would. Seems like you are one of these annoying players since you only react to that one specific thing i wrote..

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12 hours ago, iMNaSTy said:

If i flood your game rooms with my nosense hatred crap everyday wudn't you like to have a option to permanently ban me?. Well i would.

Nobody ever flooding my game rooms. Guess why? Learn how to behave.


Seems like you are one of these annoying players

No. I don't even know you and never did that. I just hate the kind of people who want to ban everyone.


since you only react to that one specific thing i wrote..

This and other things you wrote were suggested in this forum many years ago and many times by different people. Good luck in your efforts.

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7 minutes ago, RaVaGe said:

@iMNaSTy Don't respond to him, he always comes to ruin every thread about YR suggestions on CnCNet, just do a quick forum search.

Yeah, do a research pls, and find out how Ravage being nosy and lies about me.

However, I didn't expect any respond here. Bye.

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When someone knows he can recieve a permanent ban from the host. He will think twice about ruining their chat/gameplay and what so ever (Yes that's called behaving). That's my opinion and i think it's a great idea. I play the game almost the whole day everyday and if i ask for this it's because i do face ruining people at least few time a day. (Some people keep changing their names and rejoin to ruin another round what could be a great game experience). But thank god most of the other players are friendly. Don't worry @RaVaGe i don't need any (genius) to teach me about these subjects. I played Ra2 Online since the 2000's ? Followed up with each YR multiplayer servers. So trust me when i say that i know what i'm writing about. I believe that nobody will regret if all these suggestions became true. And CncNet will become even more alive. I'll wait for a moderator or even a developer to read these and hopefully let us know if there are awsome updates planned for the near future. and maybe take these ideas into consideration. That's the point of this topic.

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3 hours ago, iMNaSTy said:

Why mate. is it that dead around here?. I was hoping not ?


Pretty much, for example there hasn't been a proper map pool update since I released one for ranked and there hasn't been casual map pool update for a year or so since me and a buddy released one big one. I told you to volunteer and work on your ideas yourself, the current staff only works on critical bugs and features.
You'll be waiting a long time otherwise, as alot of what you mentioned takes a lot of work from multiple developers.

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