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Tiberian Sun light tower, light post and cameos


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Hello guys,


I am new here, so I am sorry if posting this in wrong forum...I am new to modding and mods, so I want to know how I enable the light post and light towers to be buildable in campaign missions of Tiberian Sun, I suppose that it will be somewhere in rules.ini file, but I am not sure, so any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance mates and see ya. :)


//Thank you very much, it works perfectly!!  :)

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So, I have another question, I want to change default Tiberian Sun sidebar cameos to some more detailed with backrounds and so, so what I must do ? Is there any cameo pack around internet and if they are, how I put them in the game and activate them ? I have seen some good cameos on the screens for example in this mod:






Thanks for any help. :)

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Guest Mechacaseal

you probably shouldnt mod the tiberian sun core files. you can make expand99.mix and ecache99.mix files etc and put your modified stuff in those. it will replace whatever it finds in those  files. i made this mod when i was mentally ill http://www.gamewatcher.com/mods/command-conquer-tiberian-sun-mod/amy-rose-edition


yes it is amy rose hentai porn all over tibsun but you can use xcc mix editor to see how to properly make a mod for ts. funny thing is since its a graphics mod you can play it with people who dont use it lol.


also make sure  you have sunedit2k so you can easily mod stuff

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That's hardly helpful, Funky.. if he wants to learn modding he should get himself familiarized with the tools involved and the game;s file structure  :dry:


Marlborough1704: XCC Mixer has a search function built into it. Use that to search for "rules.ini".


Well, I know that they are from that mod but I want only to know how I add cameos sidebar icons from it to the original game, not to "install" whole mod.  ;)

I think the point Tore was trying to convey was that the best way to learn how to do these things was to download the mod and simply look how they did it  ;)

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