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Is it possible to AI upscale TIberian Sun Cutscenes?


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Hi folks!

I was wondering whether or not it's possible to AI upscale the cutscenes in Tiberian Sun and put them into the game?

I am absolutely sure that the cutscene files "MOVIES01.MIX" and "MOVIES02.MIX" contains additional data in order for the cutscenes to load correctly and at the right moments, but does anyone of you know how to perhaps modify the files and extract stricly the cutscenes, in order to upscale them and put them back.

Of course it wouldn't be anywhere near as great as a proper remaster, but more so just to give the cutscenes a facelift.

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The youtube videos are in 1440p, if uploaded at 2160p it would look better because YouTube gives more bit rate to 2160p and 1440p and it makes a huge difference. I tried that while upscaling 720p game captures, 2x scale (1440p) looked noticably worse than 3x upscale (2160p) on YouTube.

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