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Horrible Screenshots (TD and RA1)



Can somebody help me how can I remove this? Here's the specs for my computer:


OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit (6.1 build 7601)

System Manufacturer: Gateway

System Model: T3612

BIOS: Default System Bios

Processor: Intel® Celeron® D CPU 3.46GHz, ~3.5GHz

Memory: 512MB RAM

Page File: 1059MB used, 466MB available

DirectX Version: DirectX11

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Already Solved? But I only said I use to take screenshots with print screen only


He's saying that when you go to take a screenshot, instead of using your method. Use the bindings [CTRL+S] to take a screenshot instead. Your screenshot will show up in the directory of where the same is installed. That is of course if you have ddraw.

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I have Corel PaintShop Pro X4. Can it also fix the Horrible Screenshot problem?


Should. As long as you can find a "Load Palette" option. I have Paint Shop Pro 6 and it is Colors > Load Palette than find the ra1_game.pal from the link above and make sure Maintain Indexes is marked. I also think I seen away to do this in GIMP when I had it as well.

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Eww. Put that contrast / brightness / hue back to default :P

:huh: you hate it?


That looks strange to me. Its not the contrast / brightness / hue . Its the fact I'm looking at real RA1. I'm so darn use to Red Dawn....

Hohooooo been a while eh? XD

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