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Tiberium Flux mod


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I do apologize for that. It was an issue of me downloading tons of shps to one file and loosing track of who made what. My intention was to go back and see where I got what and give proper credit with the next release.  I was anxious to get the mod out. Not really a good reason but the reason none the less. I will make

sure to handle this better in the future.

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so here is an FYI on mod progress and also a few questions, requests for input, and possibly some help.


To do:

Re-Order cameos using Arda cameo sort feature

tweak a few weapons

still need a few new units and structures

A few new music tracks. (Found some very C&C like music on Pandora)



Make units really expensive to avoid tank spamming?

Add Desert theater? What is the status on this anyway, is it working?

A.I. Improvements? I heard Iran's patch has the capability to tweak AI more so than in Rules.ini?

Solo Missions. I have 3 completed and 3 more in works. I would like to include at least 6 for each side. Would anyone be interested in solo mission creation?


I plan to release this as a standalone like Whites mod. Would there be any advantage to either of these methods? 1) Include new Mix files, or 2) Integrate and replace everything in Conquer.Mix and RedAlert.mix

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rans mod wont support that arda mods, but im sure you can make it working with both patches anyways


put all into one mix of course. Later when there will be a newer ra version you will be able to update easily (just copy your mod .mix over)

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So the Mod itself is pretty much done... been working on the allied campaign and ran into something terrible. Arda just takes a shit when ever ever you try to load a saved game from a game being played... and... you cannot save a game anymore than once or it crashes. Save the game, close, load the game, try to save again and crash. This is with replacing RA missions. The add mission support with Arda is kinda buggy and weird too. Looks like AlexB is done with it Too. Never responded to a PM on the Ares forum he is active on, was just a general inquiry, nothing pushy.



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