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Concolor1 Mission Maps - Links


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To save trawling through pages and sites, it seems a good idea to put all the mission links in one place.




1 Signed & Sealed (Redux) - (Allied Mission, Vanilla RA2)

2 Temporal Exposure - (Allied Mission Vanilla RA2) 

3 Soviet Stranglehold - (Allied Mission, Vanilla RA2) 

4 Prisoner of Conscience - (Yuri Mission, Vanilla YR) 

5 The Wolves of Winter - (Soviet Mission, Vanilla RA2) 

6 Fierce Intent - (Allied Mission, Vanilla YR) 

7 Shock Tactics - (Soviet Mission, Vanilla RA2) 

8 Dominance in Mind (Yuri Mission, Vanilla YR) 

9 Weathering the Storm - (Soviet Mission, Vanilla RA2) 

10 In Cold Storage - (Allied Mission, Vanilla RA2) 

11 Identity Crisis - (Yuri Mission, Vanilla YR) 

12 Terminal Lunacy - (Soviet Mission, Vanilla YR) 

13 Under Pressure - (Allied Mission, Vanilla RA2) 

14 Robot Revolution (Redux) - (Allied Mission, Vanilla YR) 

15 Nuclear Winter - (Soviet Mission, Vanilla YR) 

16 The Last Post - (Yuri Mission, Vanilla YR) 

17 Day of the Desolators - (Allied Mission, Vanilla RA2) - I'll sort this out - in the meantime it can be found here. http://www.yrargentina.com/old/index.php?page=maps/ra2sp

18 Engineered to Kill - (Allied Mission, Vanilla YR) 

19 Jungle Fortress - (Allied Mission, Vanilla YR) 

20 Company of Wolves - (Soviet Mission, Vanilla RA2) 

21 End of an Era Part1 & Part 2 - (Yuri Mission, Vanilla YR) - Yet again I'll get around to uploading these, in the meantime they can be found on Discord and YR Argentina. http://www.yrargentina.com/old/index.php?page=maps/yrsp2 https://discord.com/channels/800660076792250379/800672286259544075

22 Moon Madness - (Allied Mission  TX,  (Terrain Expansion) YR) 

23 Siege - (Allied Mission  TX, (Terrain Expansion), YR) 

24 Wipeout! - (Allied Mission, Vanilla RA2) 

25 Foothold - (Soviet Mission, Vanilla RA2) 

26 Viral Agent - (Yuri Mission, Vanilla YR) 

27 Finnishing Moves - (Allied Mission, Vanilla RA2) 

28 Driven up the Wall - (Soviet Mission, Vanilla YR) 

29 Wolves at the Door - (Soviet Mission, Vanilla RA2) 

30 Tanya's Tomb-Raiding Trek - (Allied Mission, Vanilla RA2) 

31 Fire & Ice - (Allied Mission, Vanilla YR) 

32 Celestial Intervention - (Allied Mission  TX, (Terrain Expansion) YR) 

33 Will there be any more?.................. watch this space!


Initiation Test - (Yuri Mission, Yuri's Revenge (Mission One - Yuri Resurgence Campaign))



34 Yuri Resurgence Campaign - (Twelve Missions for the Yuri Faction, Yuri's Revenge)


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A great collection of high quality maps indeed. Creative types of missions, fascinating visual/sound effects and a great variety of tasks. Having played and accomplished all of them with different tactics each time,  especiallly I would pick "Fierce Intent" and "End of An Era" for the most amazing ones.

And for the most difficult one, I have to go with "Nuclear Winter."

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