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256x256 maps !


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judging by what E1 said, it looks like a person would have to modify the executable file for ra2 to change the limit for isomappack size. it means that they would have to distribute a modified executable file with the client, and since the game is still under copyright by EA, CnCnet could get into legal trouble for this. tiberian sun however is freeware so they can (and do) distribute tiberian sun copies here on cncnet, apparently with modified exes to bypass the map size.

apparently vinifera (the tibsun counterpart to ares) has also managed to do this via syringe, so it might be possible if a person could convince the ares/phobos guys to do the same for RA2, and then convince the cncnet guys to start using ares/phobos in the multiplay client. i think that it is unlikely that this would happen though.
as we all know, cncnet still hasnt started using syringe yet perhaps because of compatibility issues or perhaps because its legally questionable to modify the vanilla exe even if only through syringe.

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