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Good morning all. I have decided to try and get back into red alert 2 after many years away but im having a couple of issues which hopefully you will be able to solve.

1. When i try to download the CNC app for red alert 2 it always downloads the Yuris revenge version. Therefore when i start the game it starts YR. Is there a way to enable it to start with RA2. When i try to start an online game and eventual ranked i would like to play RA2 and not YR for now.


Thank you

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Hi, the CnCNet Client was developed with Yuri's Revenge as base game. However if you want to play Ra2 online, you can check ther Ra2 Mode box in the lobby screen. There is not a pure Ra2 version of the client as such.

Eitherway, if you want to play the original Ra2 for the campaigns, you should launch the game from EA app and click on Ra2 in the selection menu.


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1 hour ago, gazgits said:


So the next question is there a way to play ranked ladder games on RA2 rather that YR.



image.pngYes you


Yes you can play on different ladders. Just need to make a username in the Ranked Match client.  

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