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Could someone do some map fixing for me?


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These map bugs:



Here's an important bug which I don't understand got through Westwood's testing:


"Mission 13A for soviets (penultimate mission) is definitely bugged. The briefing says to capture the chronosphere once the radars are destroyed. Once you capture the Chronosphere you hear 'objective met', then 'mission failed' in audio and text. What follows in my case was the 'do you wish to replay the mission dialogue'. Yes, restarts, no boots back to main screen.


However if you destroy all allied units on the map and do not capture the chronosphere, you get 'mission complete' and the FMV of the chronosphere exploding, followed by an angry stalin."


13B works correctly, you capture the chronosphere after destroying all Radar Domes and you win, in 13A you lose. After checking the triggers for both maps:


"I checked both maps and I figured out what's going on. There's a trigger called "los3" that's triggered when the Chronosphere is destroyed. In 13b destroying all radar domes triggers the "win3" trigger which destroys the "los3" trigger. In 13a you have the same triggers but "win3" destroys a trigger called "ent1". "ent1" is a trigger that fires when you enter the Allies base, it starts auto-production. It shouldn't be needed to destroy the "ent1" trigger as it's already fired by the point you kill the Radar Domes in normal play, so there's the bug."


Not sure if you can fix these:







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Mission 13A SCU13EA.ini


One of the most complex maps when it comes to triggers linked to other triggers.


Once you destroy all of the Radar Domes triggers "win3" should delete "los3" but it is not in Mission 13A. Thats what it looks like to me. I'll change it and let you know.


I've seen the tank stuck like that before were the bridge use to be. If you time one of the Allied 3 mission rignt you can get a Soviet tank stuck like that. As for the Ant. Never seen that.


EDIT: A quick test show that programing  "win3" to delete "los3" worked. I suggest that your or some one else give it a try to make sure. With complex maps maps RAED can mess up other tiggers.


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Okay, I linked the mission in my CNCNZ.com thread, if no one replies I'll test it myself. Thanks a bunch!


Oh BTW, if you feel like could you test my hacked RAED and see if it supports DESERT and WINTER properly?

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r34ch on the cncnz.com forums reported that the fixed Soviet Mission 13 A is working correctly. :) Thanks again for fixing it!


From the looks of it the only other thing that is reasonable fixable is the misplaced tile in the last Soviet mission.

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Ore Truck spam thing is a two Ore Truck teamtype that gets created when the Soviet base starts to get active, it has the same priority as the highest priority tank teamtype, and this teamtype has no maximum set on it. I attached a possible fixed version with a maximum set to one in the CNCNZ.com thread just now.


What did you replace the flamethrowers with?

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Saw the same thing. I did a fix as well but haven't posted it yet. I put the Ore Trucks on the map in "stop" mode at waypoint 55. Now once Global set is 9 is trigger (Tanya destroys the 2 Adv Power Plants) the AI orders the 2 Ore Trucks at at waypoint 55 to start working. This should stop the AI from geting all spamy with Ore Trucks.


I changed E4 to E1... or Flamethrowers to Rifle Infantries.


Both Soviet 6 mission have Supply Trucks that you must get to the northeast corner of the map. If you change the APCs to Supply Trucks you would confuse them for the 2 you most protect and get northeast corner of the map.

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IMHO I dont' find the APC oversight as annoying as I see it more just as a general transport (perhaps chinooks?) unlike allied flame throwers (side specific weapon type). I am almost certain the APC is seen escaping in an FMV for a soviet win anyway. Although I agree with the idea in principle, having four supply trucks might confuse people or make the mission unintentionally harder.



WW made so many glaring oversights. The Soviet Hind attacking the soviet Mammoth on the box art is the worst. Although I do love the photo-shopped Kane faces in the screenshots (if you find the high-def greyscaled versions.) :P

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The 'Reinforcements have arrived' is demo trucks belowing up the 2 pill boxes at waypoint 49 and 30. Both are on the escape route to finish the mission.

Is there any chance if a shroud reveal around the two pill boxes at waypoint 49 and 30 at that point? I had no idea what was going on, at least if I miss the explosions the patterned scorch marks would let me guess what happened.
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