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Adding music to Red Alert 1?


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you can add more music, check irans site for an example:



Extra music files (17 MB, music from the PS1 only Retaliation expansion game and unreleased songs):


add the music to the mix file (using xcc-mixer), then edit the ini file to add the names etc


format must be .aud ! you can convert wav files to the aud format using xcc-mixer too

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Um. What format do you have the music in? The basic method is to convert it to 22050 Hz 16-bit mono-channel WAV, and then do the Copy As AUD described above. A good tool for converting the audio to the desired format is RAD Video Tools.



Tiberian Dawn, with my 1.06c patch, has a "themes.ini" inside updatec.mix. Extract that, put it in the game folder, and you can add any new music you want to it. The format is explained in the ini file. Note that you have to manually set the length to appear in the game's playlist into the ini file (in seconds); the game can't automatically get that from the AUD file.

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You can find most of the retaliation tracks online and the mp3 files can be copied from YouTube.

Then you convert them to .wav and then use xcc mixer to convert them to .aud


Using xcc mixer the cnc TD tracks already in .aud form can be extracted from scores.mix.

Then paste them into your RA directory

Then use music.ini to add them to the game

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