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Weird map I can't find


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Hi everyone, this has been driving me crazy for years.


In the 1990s, I had the original Red Alert (no expansion pack, also no patches - I had no internet then). One time I played a skirmish game, and in the middle of the map was an army that had no base and would not move/ explore. They'd attack anything that came near them though. They weren't one of the AI players (they were an extra team that should not have been there). Over the last few years I've tried to find this map again, literally playing through the entire list of maps. It wasn't the lunar map or the one with crazy civilians (those are counterstrike and aftermath maps anyway)


Now I'm starting to doubt my sanity and wondering if this map ever existed or was just a fixture of my imagination. Has anyone else come across it?


Lots of weird things would happen in that game. I once heard the 'Surf No Mercy' track when playing a skirmish game once back then, not knowing what the hell it was. Again, I did not have any expansion packs then. I had a special edition box that came with a shirt and music CD, if that means anything.



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It couldn't have been a custom map, I had no means of obtaining any back then. Regarding the music, I'm just going to go with maybe it was the music CD. Seems logical, though I don't know why I'd swap CDs during the game, especially since I had no crack and ejecting the game CD would cause the game to crash.


But music aside, that map is what's really bothering me!

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There's a map called 'The Hills Have Eyes' included with the Aftermath expansion which sounds similar to what you're talking about. On this map there's a civilian town in the middle with civilians with crazy and overpowered weapons, they're scripted to attack players.

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It wasn't that map - my original post referred to it as the 'crazy civilians' map. I do find that map amusing though (unless my base is in the bottom left corner lol) The map I'm on about was with original Red Alert with no updates/ patches or expansion packs.


The map was a snow one too.

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