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Nyerguds Hello


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I think I got a bit what is going on.


For certain things in China, they have an autotranslator for things coming in and out, the same way they have a national firewall, like the one blocking Google.

I'm part of a Chinese community and when I read their threads it's impossible to understand what is written, paradoxically, despite and because of the translator.

If I try to send them a message in English claiming that I'm not understanding them, the auto-translator blocks me again by translating everything to their language, to the point that I'm not sure what is written.

So if they look like confusing to us, we are also confusing to them, if we try to make contact through that channel.


Essentially, I'm guessing, but makes some sense.

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I have CC1 QQ group 19826350



you wrote "QQ group 19826350", also, in other places.

or: just the number "19826350".


what is "QQ group 19826350"?


or: what is "19826350"?


i am curious.



EDIT: i hope i'm not scaring him...


please, don't be afraid!

i am not accusing you!

i live in germany.

if you do not want to answer: okay! no problem!

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