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Red Alert Multiplayer Maps archive project


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I've started archiving Red Alert multiplayer maps. I'm using Github.com for the text files and Flickr.com for map previews. The idea is that as many possible Red Alert multiplayer maps are archived with a bit of info and a full map preview, and a ZIP file with info+the actual map files.


I'm looking for people who can send me Red Alert maps and maps packs to add to my archive/collection. ;)


Project homepage: https://github.com/Iran/RA-MP-Maps-Compilation/


Finished map packs:

Defcon 3 (map previews)

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I'll start with the Defcon 3 unofficial "expansion pack".


Defcon 3 is an unofficial multiplayer maps "expansion pack" for C&C1 and Red Alert 1. It contains over 300 maps in total for both games. It is a CD compiled by a company called Head Games. It consists of fan maps collected over the Internet and it appears this "expansion pack" was released in 1996.






Archive URL: https://github.com/Iran/RA-MP-Maps-Compilation/tree/master/Maps/Defcon%203

Map previews can be found at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/107027902@N04/sets/72157637090598873/


See attachment for download.


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