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How to start CnCNet5 without a internet connection for LAN/skirmish?


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the old LAN lobby will work, start the game directly via ra95.exe and go to multiplayer/LAN


you can host an IRC server in your lan and use it for the new lobby, if you know how to set up an IRC server then send me a message and im gonna tell you how to connect with the new lobby to the server

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Yeah, I already have both versions but using CnCNet5 is preferable, even if just offline play. E.g. more options. Still, the full version is of course 100% playable and I don't mind using it. :)


I really don't want to bother you with helping me setting up such a solution if too much trouble, but otherwise I'd like the help.


If it is planned at some point to implement you being able to start CnCNet offline then I can wait. It's no rush, really. :)

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add this to cncnet5.ini under [settings]




replace <IP> with the ip of your server


make sure you at least started cncnet5 once with an online connection ot get all the files, then copy the full red alert folder to the other pcs in your lan


start cncnet5.exe with -noupdate as parameter


always use the p2p fast connection option when you host a new game (connecting in LAN mode should also work instead of using online mode)


map sending wont work, but that shouldnt be a problem since everyone got the same game folder anyways

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If a PC on the LAN doesn't have access to the Internet then CNCNet5 will not work, correct?  That is why the local IRC server is needed.


Is there a doc anywhere that explains all the network connections that take place when using CNCNet5?  I'm trying to find out what ports are

used outbound to the Internet, then what ports are used locally on the LAN pc's.  Once the game has started between 2 or more pc's on the same

LAN does the traffic flow directly between them or is some of it going out to the CNCNet server? 



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if you host an local server then it will work without internet connection without problems :) there is no need to open any ports in a LAN


if you enable the fast peer to peer mode when you host a game then it goes directly from one player to another without the use of an online tunnel server

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