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Some questions and requests about Portable RA

Furry Fox

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Good day! Very like yours portable Red Alert version. But some questions have appeared:

1 Why does not play Lost Vidio from PS1 Retaliation in addons mission? In the standard version works normally.

2 In extra options I have seen an opportunity to activate beta  version of some units (tesla tank and fleet). But having activated these units option of any changes has not appeared. How them to activate?




1 When you guys will fix the countries bonus bugs for England and France, and give some bonus  to Greece, Turkey and Spain?

My recommendations such: Greece - 10 % builds faster. Turkey - 10 % is less cost (as at Russia). Spain - 10 % is faster air.


2 Make a sound for  mines deploy. This sound work in PS1 versions. But In PC  is not activated

3 If it is possible to correct damage homing missls. In some places \ corners they as though mow also purpose almost does not receive harm.


4 To activate Phase transport and Hellicarrier. I tried to make it... But there is no effect. I have made Aftermath.ini  and change  technological level. For FT 11 (only for an alliance) and HC 7 (for all). But it works only in missions, skirmish and old CnCnet 4


5 And last... If it is possible to correct bug when units at attack on the purpose, approach  in dense


Excuse for mine curve English

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1. They were never included in the PC versions of RA, which is a bit strange. There's a download somewhere to get them

2. I'm not 100% sure, but either these options haven't been sorted or they don't work online correctly, and have been disabled




1. There's nothing wrong with the country bonuses, Greece, Spain and Turkey were never meant for multiplayer, but were added in anyway. They have no bonuses at all. When using cncnet5 ALL allied nations (England, France, Germany, Turkey, Greece, Spain) have the firepower boost that Germany has, this was done instead of fixing the England and France Bug (seems kinda weird but nobody cares too much).


2. See what I wrote for Problem/Issue #1, but you can;t find it anywhere, you would probably have to create the sound yourself or search though all the MIX files until you find it.


3. It's very difficult if not impossible to fix homing weapon logic. It's possible it is hardcoded, I would agree its a bit of a pain but it's unavoidable.


4. For using these in Cncnet5 there might be a button to enable but if not then on a map you want to play you have to edit the unit entries and paste them into the map to modify it. The reason these units aren't used so much is its potential to totally change the game and how they may be considered overpowered (Phase Transport more so - imagine the Tanya rushes with that)


5. I don't understand the problem, are your units too spread out or...?


I'm not a dev but a frequent player, most of these answers come from experience, knowledge or some strange source I don't understand.

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I tried my own C&C conversion with PortableRA, everything is really awesome, I'm fighting against proper coloured NOD stuff :)


- is it possible to remove rotors for choppers like in Arda?

- is there some foundation-changing method, like there was in Arda?

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I've just discovered portable RA and it is unbelievable! I just have one question and hopefully this is the right place...more or less.


I want to play the game in 1280x720 and it works great. But, and being an FMV junkie this IS a problem, the cutscenes are being stretched. When in 4:3 they have black bars at the top and the bottom (as shey should have). When switching to a 16:9 resolution (1280x720 for example) they are just getting stretched to the left and right and still have the EXACT same bars. Is there a way, so that they keep their aspect ratio?

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i have now one problem localizing every video in german and every Mission Briefing in german.  Can someone tell me which files i should use do no brok portable RA? The langulage oackes for uncensor german only is not enough there missing the videos and some Addon Mission Briefings

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Ok  seems that the videos that i extract from the ultimate version are bad...  the videos from the uncensored german video patch works great (intro as example)  but my videos i added hav bad dark lines very ugly !


Did someone now where can i get the german video files ?

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Here the difference i have with german videos:




Bad Qualy German Portable RA http://youtu.be/z5XQ0Te_HHs



good Qualy English funkyfr3sh : http://youtu.be/_bs5kbrVtkY


Good Qualy English Portable RA : http://youtu.be/7-OkuKf3al8



So what could be the reason thats the german videos looks so bad ? are the ultimate version shit? or do i something wrong ?

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mh i looked with XCC mixer didnt found something seems the german origin ultimate didnt have these files.... or im blind.. When somebody could upload the vqa files of the Original Soviet and allied campaign i would be very happy.

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just try to take the vqp files from the english videos

That'll mess them up. Really. It seems they re-encoded them from scratch instead of just replacing the audio stream in the existing video data. Not even mentioning the differences in the censored videos, and the intro with the translated logo.


(my German uncensor pack comes with vqps, though 8))


I don't think the vqp files are in the movies mix files though. That's just the VQA ones afaik. I think they're probably somewhere inside redalert.mix. The ant video ones are in the expand mixfiles somewhere.

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i used now the English files that worked perfectly funny ;.D



For the videos that cutted i used your uncut patch.


The Game runs extremly fine now.  THX for Help.  Now only RA2 and Tiberian Sun and i can begin my lets play of the C&C Games. :-X



Btw. the C&C Commuinity seems the friendliest Game and Mod COmmunity i`ve ever seen.

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The problem is, it will not be correct for ALL the videos. A lot will be fine, but some might still be wrong.


I just downloaded an RA iso to check (I'm at work), and the vqp files are normally in nchires.mix, inside redalert.mix.

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