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Attracting more players - Youtube advertising - Kickstarter


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I was thinking today...


CnCnet can support quite a few people, and it's growing rapidly... But couldn't we make it go even faster?


I propose we do a kickstarter to raise around a grand (maybe less?) to pay for Youtube advertising.


I could create some decent tutorial to rush people through the n00b stages to create better competition.


Here's an example of the quality of tutorial I can create...




How do I get this to preview?


I'm also part of a company that has access to a 3D printer, so we could offer 3D prints of red alert models as rewards for donating to the kickstarter, (as long as someone cads them out)




I think it's worth a shot.

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I dont think we should use kickstarten to raise money for advertisement.


What we can do is use free means of advertisement. Youtube already includes a lot of ra1 vids so no need to upload more. A nice way to bring red alert 1 to attention could be hosting a tournament. The trick is to post it on larger gaming websites and invite all oldschool ra players to join. During the tournament we can release video's starcraft style with commentaries. Im sure this would interest a lot of oldschool players.

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Kickstarter aside, I have some extra money laying around and would be willing to run some ads or contribute to a tournament fund as a donation.




I think if we get some decent tutorial for people to watch, and train up a bunch of people to play, then it will be more interesting.


I'm not that good of a painter, but I could definitely print one of these bad boys as a reward.




I know there's someone who has modeled like everything on MODDB.. Perhabs they could share their models?

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Zhall has a point though, if the game's audience isn't growing  people might eventually stop playing and the communinity would grow smaller. Ads on youtube might be usefull but probably costy so I'm not sure how we can organize this but as Tore said we should promote CNCNet by attracting our friends to the serever.

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