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[Campaign] Discovert Operations 2.09 for Red Alert


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Three Games - One Campaign - Discovert Operations!

Join the CUBE special operations team and command sneak-in commando operations, fight a hit-and-run guerilla style war against a superior power or stand on epic battlefields against mercyless tank armies!


- - - Background - - -


Discovert Operations includes the first three command and conquer games Red Alert, Tiberian Dawn and Tiberian Sun. You take over the command of a special task force called C.U.B.E., which main objective it is to fight against the remaining soviet resistance.

You'll start after the soviet defeat at the end of the allied main campaign. Finally it is revealed how the Brotherhood of Nod rises from the ashes of the soviet union. That story will be continued with the Discovert Ops for C&C1 and concluded with Discovert Ops for Tiberian Sun.


- - - Development - - -

First missions were created back in the late 90s. Originally I built the maps only for me and some friends and did not plan to upload them, but I bunched them together with an own storyline. Since Iran's 303p update I' m able to play RA1 again, so I collected the best and bunched them together to a full standalone mod/expansion pack. Since 2012 more missions were created, basing on additional landscape tiles and theaters (Tschokky) and new Trigger Options (Iran). I 've seen there are still people out there playing this old game, so they may enjoy this addon. The Discovert Ops missions are intended to be longer, more complicated, much harder and more detailed (as well landscape and scripting) than the original RA campaigns.    Some missions are strongly influenced by Commandos - Behind Enemy Lines


- - - Features - - -


*    a campaign of 14 singleplayer missions

*    New terrain tiles & missions in the new theatres made by forum members

*    a bunch of new graphics, new units and exclusive major bosses featured in the missions

*    improved AI and ini settings


- - - Installation - - -

If you have an older version of DO, it is strongly recommended to update to the most actual version!

Play the missions via the "custom missions" dialogue. Play the campaign directly by starting RA95.exe. There were reports that the game crashed when using the Red Alert Launcher!

Game is tested with Win7/x64. If you are using Windows 10 and have some issues, set compatibility mode of the .exe to win 7 (if that feature still exists in win 10).


- - - Download - - -

(v2.09 standalone; latest update 15/06/2016)




Give me your critics, ideas and feedback if you like (or hate) it and report bugs to me!

All stuff made by Messiah, as long no other one credited. Feel free to use any of my artwork for you own stuff, as long you credit me for that!


- - - Impressions - - -



he new units regular available during the campaign.







Prologue: Raid on Moscow

It is your task to move into moscow and capture the Kremlin during a short period of time.


01: Battle of the Damned

It's one of the hardest missions and influenced by the Eidos computer game Commandos. you need a lot of micro-skills to command your commando team to be unseen in the battle between blue and red.

02: Under Siege

First plan was, you should solve that mission without a consruction yard, but nobody was able to win this mission. The enemy has multiple bases and this mission includes a lot of epic tank battles.


03: Teslacopter

The player has to lead tanya into a guerilla-style warfare with a final attack on the enemy's base. the teslacopter is the first Boss to defeat.


04: Unseen in the Mirror

The player has to capture a scientist in a secret commando action. includes a lot of special effects never seen before.


05: Cloak of Silence

all of the player's units are cloaked and were hunted by the enemy's tank squadrons. quite hard to solve that stuff!


06: Death Blow

It's an expanded version of the allied mission 6 from the original campaign.


07: Nuclear Disaster

This map will include the largest and most intense tank battles of the campaign. defeat against a permanent rushing enemy, which is still hard although an allied AI joins the player's side.


08: Harvester Hunting

Command a group of cloaked tank-drones to destroy all of the refineries and harvesters of the enemy.


09: Operation Darkness

Probably the hardest mission, which requires excellent micro-skills. at the beginning, you will have no armed units.

10: Brothers in Arms reloaded

You probably know this mission from aftermath, though the storyline has dramatically changed in this mission.


11: Battleships

Most parts of this mission play on the open sea.


12: The Fortress

This mission is probably unbeatable and was not really intended to be that. Includes another Boss, but you probably won't see him. So play it like Tetris: Enemies are coming in until you have lost, track your time until that!


13: The Heart of the Mountain

Plays under-earth in the caves. your sight is limited in the darkness, so you have to use hit-and-run tactics here.

14: Endgame

The final fight. ends with an epic 1:1 battle between tanya and the latest, final Boss.


unfinished - The Final Vortex:

The soviets tried to copy the chronosphere. They were unable to use the teleport effect, but they managed to focus the chronal vortex on a specific spot and use its infernal power. Go and destroy this hell machine!

To come with RA:DO 3.0!

Edited by Messiah
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Tried to play this the other night...

After copying my RA1 folder and then dropping these files into it, I couldn't find any missions to actually play. The campaign just automatically told me that the mission was fail.

It also automatically turns the game language german xD haha, Probably still playable for me, but a little more difficult to navigate the menu. But again, I couldn't find the missions you'd made.


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Do you have Irans 303p red alert patch?  The mission files won't be read else and probably won't work completely too.

Ah, play them via the custom missions dialogue. It doesn't replace the campaign.


The game language to german... hahaha, I see, I forgot to delete the old conquer.eng in one of the the mix files  :ranting: :dry:

I'll update this soon as possible! Links updated!


thanks for testing, btw  :D

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  • 2 weeks later...

do you use the actual version of discovert ops?


I changed this add-on to a standalone campaign to make sure you have the correct .exe - with older game versions game might definitively will crash. So download it again.  ;)


If already using, you maybe could check and configure the video settings via launcher.exe - options.

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  • 2 months later...

I redownloaded and played this... and it needs some serious difficulty balancing. The missions are either way too hard or way too annoying. For 04 Teslacopter I had to reload at least a few dozen times and I still have not beaten it.


If I can barely beat the first mission and can't beat the second... There's an issue.

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Yes, Teslacopter is a nasty trial-and-error thing (almost an one-map-campaign) you'll definitively need some nights to solve.

The campaign is difficult, but later missions aren't harder than the early ones. 


My intention was to create the campaign as hard as the TD covert ops. There are more than one way to do a mission, but maybe I could add more details in the briefing, so there is a thread you can follow, less trial-and-error.


Do you think I should edit some tags for the "easy mode", e.g. better armor for player units etc to make some missions possible for less skilled players?



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Easy mode tags could be good.


I'm at the point in Teslacopter where I went to the island with the radar dome. If that invisible Einstein wasn't there... Oh, what would I do. Turns out that soon enough you just need to get on to an island or Soviets spam infantry at you. Damn flame troopers.

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Version 2.06 updated:

Missions now are less hard when playing on easy mode. Also added some new terrain tiles..


But main addition is the new CUBE radar logo for all campaigns:

left: logo for the TD missions, middle: logo for RA, right: alternative logo with text. what do you think?


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  • 7 months later...
  • 4 weeks later...

This is a stupid question, but is there a version of this that is NOT standalone?  I already have Red Alert 303p installed with the custom missions menu, and I don't want a second folder of it on my HD.  I have already customized this install to my liking (including adding some extra music), so I don't feel like customizing another .exe file in a different folder.

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  • 4 weeks later...

If you unpack DO without the system files (i.e. all .exe and .dll files) into an existing RA folder, it should work too of course. Make sure here you have an actual RA95.exe - I made a standalone because some people tried to play my campaign on older game versions (which may not work at all).


But I don't recommend to extract yout files into your primary RA folder because I have a lot of edited files inside it (mix files, string tables, ini files etc what were changed) so the skirmish mode and factory campaigns will use these settings too and network game may not work anymore (I haven't checked this).


So best thing here would be if you make a copy of your customized installation and extract my files into it ;)

Have fun!  8)

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  • 2 months later...
  • 3 weeks later...
  • 7 months later...

I made some updates, infantry sequences are fixed now and the missions are a wee bit easier so far after several reports they were too hard. I also made the mission objectives a little bit clearer.

Next step might be a better developed tech-tree which makes more of the new units regular available during the campaign.


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