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[RA/TD] Messiah's Artwork Pack


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Hey Folks!


So I'm going to present my red alert 1 shps here. I want to share the artworks with you.


There are a few buildings and units as well as around 40 new infantry graphics (in TD size, mainly using the shp editors color replacing tool).


Part of the infantry pack is a set of snow and temperate camouflage uniforms for common soldier types.


All images ar stored in the .mix files of the discovert ops campaign, but I used only a few of them in the campaign. You can extract them from there and use it for own projects if you want.


Say me what you think about them!


Shown here (images rescaled 2x):

- ugly tech building aka the Teslacopter Assembly Hall

- Nod Command post

- Black Flame Tank

- New Jetski (roughly based on that from ra.afraid)

- temp camouflage rocket guy with remapable bazooka

- snow camouflage E1

- husky

- secret service guy

- civilian engineer

- redshaped flame trooper

- doctor with green bag (I don't wanna know whats inside it :P)

- neutral stuff

and there is still more artwork!


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