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(cn2)Fjord - 2 player duel


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Pretty much what the title says. I tried to make a symmetrical 1v1 map with minimal (albeit still existing) south advantage and no west disadvantage for Nod. There are several ways to approach the enemy and your build, not all of them tested yet. Place the map in the Custom folder in the Maps folder in CnCNet and when you make a game you can select it, all other players will receive it automatically upon start. Have fun and report bugs/imbalances!



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Nyer, when I make these maps I actually use clusters of details like snow/dust patches to indicate the supposed elevation of terrain, even though there is none. In winter I will also try to mimic the natural way snow melts, meaning there will be more snow under North-facing cliffs, under trees, etc. C&C is weird in that it has a very pretty and very functional graphical interface and yet it still uses it as an arcade game, map features are simply blocked cells with different pixels. But it's a hell of a lot of fun to draw and this theatre expansion thing y'all doing is giving me ideas of getting back into .shp-s.


Goat, South advantage is inherent in TD and RA. Basically, all units firing from the South Northwards have a range advantage over those firing from the North to the South because of the way the TD/RA engine draws the graphics. You've certainly noticed that minigunners attacking something from the South can stand one square away and fire, while (most of) those coming from the North will go right next to it to attack. This is in effect for all weapons, you can have two opposing obelisks and the Southern one will be able to attack the Northern one but not vice versa.



White, yes, the comm. centre is there to trick you into spending 3000 on a helipad, chinook and engi to get it. :)


Manu - I've already done a couple for 2v2. I'm thinking of doing more duel maps, actually.

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Thanks, White. Making these as close as what I would imagine could be an official tournament map for C&C was the general idea behind them. I'm glad people recognize that and maybe I'll do a couple more when I come up with a good design.

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