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[TD] Nazca Plains *updated June 07*


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No, 10 mb pic. I'm talking about the picture of the Sole Survivor map I linked to, not my map preview pic. It'd be kinda ridiculous to warn about a pic that's AUTOMATICALLY LOADED anyway, don't you think? :roll:



Anyway, I replaced my SS map pics with PNGs, which reduced them from 9-11 mb to 2-3 mb.

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The ancient Mayas removed all of that stuff to make the drawings :P


And there's a cactus in his eye, so stop complaining.


I could add a large rock where his legs come together, but I think it might be kinda inappropriate :P

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this is really cool... and must have taken ages, the roads above all else are what piss me off when building cnc maps, lol (just hard to get them to match up, esspecially in grasslands...)

was thinking though, I noticed you put in 6 start points, but, the 2 out in the open get a dissadvantage because of it, just a more open base (or an advantage becuase they can get the tib faster). Maybe it doesnt matter, but If Id made it myself I think id have stuck with just the 4 in the corners. Anyone elses thoughts? The obivous dissadvantage to 4 start points is that then you can only have 4 players on this big map... and we can now have 6 :D



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Well you have to add six, or 2 players can end up on the same spot even if you only play with 4 players -_-


I think the middle players are kinda balanced out now... as you said, they have both an advantage and a disadvantage, which kinda evens it out.

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Yes, and in fact, the width limit is 100% fixed since all building and tree foundations count on the fact that [cell+64] is the cell one row below it.


so no, I can't expand it. Not without rewriting ALL foundation related code anyway.


Also, Revo, I linked to the original SS map pic in the first post.




Hey, since patch 1.06b, these things are finally CALLED "cactus" too when you mouse over them, instead of "Tree" ;)


I meant that there's only a single cactus, and it's in the middle of the top portion of the map. Almost as if it holds a special status :P

It does! It's the guy's eye ;)

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