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Disable Chinook flying away with General?


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I have a multiplayer map with the Commando/General unit and Transport Copter but as soon as you load him in, it goes to fly off the map unless you quick take control of it and tell it to move somewhere else.


I can't see anything under the units to stop this.  Under mission stuff there's

; Special team override mission.




I tried setting the rate to 1000 and adding these




but nothing seemed to work.  Only other thing I can think of is to turn some other civilian or agent that the copter doesn't automatically take away into the general with Image=GNRL and use that one.


Update Edit:

Changing other infantry to image=GNRL just results in wrong animations and some can't even shoot.  Tested with Chan, Delphi, Einstein, Spy, Thf, E4, E6, C10, Shok

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If you save a mission, after that change something in the original map, like adding


you'll get nuclear tanks when you load the savegame.


I know this is a RA1 phenomenon, in TS and RA2 changes in map and ini settings aren't loaded again.

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Thanks for the replies.  Sorry I lost track of this thread.  Sometimes I don't get to mess with things for a few days.

I tried:




And then I thought maybe you meant under the General unit so I tried this too:




Didn't work playing offline skirmish in RA1online through CnCNet.  The map needs stuff from spawn1.mix and fixing it for multi is the point anyway so I'll just leave it in and hopefully it will be re-enabled sometime.  Thanks though.  Are some lists anywhere of all the new stuff such as this and crusher=yes/no.  What's in the current RA exe, what's in the experimental RA.exe, and what's supported through CnCNet?  Also what are the new map stuff such as trigger effects.  I saw a video somewhere of a chronoshift zone where units driving into it were teleported.



Funny story on the topic of loading save games for a changed map.  On a test map of mine for Red Dawn, the computer got in a traffic jam in his base so I took the opportunity to set the game speed to max and amass an untold horde of mammoth tanks and I saved before rolling him over.  Later I accidentally saved some rules tweaks in this map I wanted to preserve this copy.  I tried to undo them...  But when I load the map...  I think my rocket launchers got changed to SSM's which spray a stream of Honest John napalm missiles.  Even though I have no weapon values in this map, some values got messed up trying to load my save game.  So um there - legions of mammoth tanks and some scud stream pissing launchers.


Update Edit:

Seems I'm having trouble with the Colour= and SecondaryColorScheme= again.  Between regular RA1, RA through CnCNet, Red Dawn, and Red Dawn through CnCNet, RedDawn offline is the only thing I can get SecondaryColorScheme= to work in while I think Colour= works in most situations.

Also I tried EvacInMP=no in offline RA skirmish outside of CnCNet and it didn't work there either and of course a bunch of my units were invis from it not reading spawn1.mix.


Also anyone else notice that setting Reload= for units with limited ammo seems to have no effect on lengthy reload time?

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FunkyFr3sh has been redoing the RA95.exe for C&CNet 5 so it looks like a good number of things no longer work and some new and old bugs are back.


RedDawn uses 2 RA95.exes. RA95.exe that dosen't get updated by C&CNet 5 that is used for all single missions and Skirmish Meun (RA1) This means just about every key Iran added will work just fine. RA95-spawn.exe is updated by C&CNet 5 and what keys work is a crapshoot.

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