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Red Alert Confidential Field Manual


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Hey guys, its Fan1. I have been playing since the game was released 20 years ago. I just came back home and was cleaning out my closet and found this awesome Field Manual. It has ALL of the best tips and tricks. Just thought I would share it with the true (Fans)!


Note attachment to big, so I uploaded it safely to Imgur! Picture Link: b18UBVj.jpg

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Almost 20 years ago as RA was released in 1996. ;)


I have the field manual too it's pretty neat it came with the game originally. I have the official strategy guide too. I think I have a picture of that RA stuff somewhere.



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My RA came in a red box, and I played it on my Pentium 100 MHz :D. Wow, what a nostalgia overload... good times.


Red box you say? :)



(Click for fullsize)


Crappier lighting in this pic so less detail :(


Heh, both the European versions and the North American versions come with ad for Lands of Lore 2.

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