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Sole Survivor manual


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UPDATE: Download whole zip of all 30 pages at https://www.mediafire.com/?l6pebst79p85yfp


Two pages each 96-99% quality jpgs of 968x488 give or take a few pixels.  I'm not aware of any digital version and there's some cool stuff not in any other C&C manual such as acknowledging the existence of and listing the dinosaurs.  And the only other C&C manual that specifically shows the viceroid is C&C3.  :cnc:

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Well I already uploaded half and stopping there unless you say to continue.  Four files per a topic since they're immediately displayed.  I need to get a mediafire account.  I guess I can go do that and you can delete the other topics I made if that's what you want.  Including a little corrected version of pg24 I got it down to 17 files totalling 4.6MB.


UPDATE: https://www.mediafire.com/?l6pebst79p85yfp

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I just thought so they're not all loaded at once by anyone viewing the topic.  I guess the immediate views of them are a bit reduced versions and if any admin thinks it's too much they can just delete them since I have a download link to a whole zip.


Oops I forgot to fix the recon bike's armor in the sole24corrected.jpg.  Should be Wood or maybe Worst would make more sense.  And not sure about Mammoth's tusk missiles.  I think they might have gave them short range that doesn't get upgraded so it uses its cannon most of the time.

Here's a corrected pg 24 so you don't have to download the whole zip again. 


EDIT: It seems MammothTusk missiles were shortened to about 4 so they're still in the medium range but the tank uses its cannon more.  Still TD/Sole just have different programming for its alternate fire than RA.  They also got better ROF (I estimate ROF=52 about) like the now single firing cannon (or at least FiresTwice doesn't affect overall firing rate).


Maybe pg24 was originally right, but the values in Myg's stuff at github, the changes listed in news for v1.04 (no info on what's specific to v1.05), and actually playing game all seem to match to how I fixed this.  But I haven't found what exact number values are for damage, ROF, and range of weapons.  They obviously used TD values as base and then modified them.  I don't know if any damages are changed but I think I got ROF and range close for everything.



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