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Project: Those (almost) forgotten C&C sites!


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(Warning: This news post was a little rushed)

I need your help, I'm looking for old and (almost) forgotten C&C1/RA1/TS sites from where I can "save" content.


As you may know Gamespy is closing their web hosting services and that means all sites hosted on it will disappear, that means all sites which has this in their URL ".planetcnc.gamespy.com" so if anyone knows about some old sites which has that in their URL you got to be quick as they will disappear when August has ended.


If you find an old C&C site with interesting content you want to save post the URL in this topic, it doesn't matter where it is hosted it is just that the site must be inactive credit will be given to the site in question 

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What's so hard about looking into the code and seeing which swf it links to? :P


Though I guess it won't be so easy to figure out the actual urls for the tracks it loads...


Oh, and I've never automatically downloaded a site in my life, mkay? Manual touch ftw :P

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