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tired of people dcing or w/e and getting pts off ladder


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...your way of converting screenshots is to open them in some kind of "PCX viewer" and press PrintScreen? Man, download Gimp or something. Or heck, just XCC Mixer. :volkov:


Given the amount of stuff in Perplexity's base, though, I'm not sure if this was a runner; nothing there really seems to indicate he was losing.

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i usually open pcx in photoshop and just resave as jpeg, but i dont have ps on my new OS. i also didnt know he was going to dc or id have got more ss's. he was definitely losing, youll just have to take my word for it. but the point is i didnt dc, and the noob either dc himself, or it showed i dc and he just stayed and got my pts. ridiculous.


the same shit happened vs kushlounge. i  got an error like 3 secs into game, he stays and takes my pts.

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Maybe try this with some one you know and trust.

Just play, do not kill each other.

Do some SIM base or stuff.


And see if and when you get disconnected.


If it happens again within a certain time like the serious games. You have a problem with your own connection.


If you can keep playing 1 game for hours to no end. Who knows what kind of tricks these people have up their sleeves.


I experienced something odd back in the old days with starcraft.

It always happened after 3 minutes in normal games and 90 seconds in ladder games.

Turned out, some players could simply kick you out of connection if they wanted too. Stealing a win. You got a disconnect.

Who knows, something similar might happen here.

We blacklisted these people since Blizzard had trouble catching them. We could get certain about these when we played 2v2, with a buddy at the bad guy team. If one of us got kicked, but got communication going with his friends. The disconnection was false.

And with a FFA, where we had a team of 5 in secret. Once some started to get kicked out, we knew enough. We had ourselves a cheater again.

Low stats or only win stats where always suspected.

The so called loser accounts where the only trusted ones for a while.





After your test though. And you have a "normal" game:

Can the admins log of each player, where not only his/her own disconnects are shown. But also how many times their opponents disconnect?

If some players have a lot of opponents who suddenly lost connection. You might have a cheater?

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i didnt lose any connection. thats bullshit. i stayed took the ss's, and was returned to the lobby...


Is it possible that your internet connection dropped? As Funky stated, the logs show that you disconnected :(


omg trz, dc'ing so you don't lose shame on you..

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