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after i read this a few times i was a better player


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Thank you for your nice comments :-)


You may be interested to know I did turn that pdf guide into a blog, which you can find here: https://cnctiberiansun.wordpress.com/


It's essentially the same content but divided out into web pages etc. There are also a few extra bits and pieces in there, including a guide to Forest Fires, and some discussion of attack efficiency.


If you have any questions at all, post them below :-)

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It's a good thing Mike enjoyed making this because the only person with a real knowledge was eatme and this guide goes against everything eatme stood for. (Hence its untrue and poop)

wtf is an eatme...is there some sort of guide that was written?...also where is the tech tree guide with selling what, when to keep this that and the third...i thought about it a little but cant objectively wrap my head around it in a easy too comprehend picture form.

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Funny thing is, reading the comments above, Trz does have something of a point. There is a big issue with players that they seem to want everything spoon-fed to them. I wrote this guide many years ago as a way to try and bring up the minimum standard of players on the server, and judging by the feedback I still get even today, (and the the traffic I get to the blog version of the guide), it has at least been useful to a good many players. Seriously though Chill, if you want to get to the 'next level', first of all, you need to change your mindset. Don't expect to be spoon-fed everything, as that won't get you anywhere.

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O yea, great perspective...& I'll just wing it then Gordon Gekko


That's not quite the spirit of what I said...


First know and understand the basics; then play lots of games with a mindset that you will always be a 'work in progress'. One of the biggest things holding back many players on TS is their failure to acknowledge that they could (and some would say should) be better. I'm not saying become an obsessive like some of the players on here, but rather to accept that you have things to learn and that you can't just read a guide and become number 1.



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I still have the original one since 1999 ( in my language hebrew )













I will translate what is written on the last image


System requirements:

Windows 95/98

CPU: Pentium I 166MHz ( who remember the "turbo" button on 586 computer that bust the MHz from 100 to 133 lol, we overclocked the cpu 16 years ago )

RAM: 32MB Free

Hard Drive: 200MB Free

Mouse needed ;)



And people still lagg... O_o


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1. setting up/building your base

2. scouting

3. antiscouting

4. establishing your economy






at the start of every game, you begin by deploying your mobile construction vehicle (abbreviated as mcv) and building a powerplant (abbreviated as pp).


-pp's supply power to your base and enable some buildings to be used, such as radar, EMP cannon (emp), firestorm generator (fs), missle silo, stealth generator, obelisk of light, ion cannon/hunter seeker. If you are playing as nod or against a nod opponent, know that when the faction has low power, their SAMs don't work, while gdi's will remain active even in low power. *NOTE* if you try to build on low power, the speed that you build will be reduced drastically, therefore you never want to be on low power. having high power doesn't benefit you in any way, aside from making it harder for your opponent to reduce you to low power (which generally isn't a high priority target unless nod is stealthed or has a thousand sams that need to be disabled)




after placing your powerplant, build your barracks(bar or bax) and begin making light infantry(inf) for scouting and antiscouting [see scouting/antiscouting below]


after your barracks is placed, begin building a refinery(ref). during the time your refinery is building, you should be using this time to scout your opponent and the map, and placing antiscouts(antis) around your base


once your ref is done building, place it as close to the tiberium (tib) as possible. doing this will reduce the distance it takes for your harvesters (harvs) to travel between the tib field and docking at your refs, which will give you the fastest possible and most efficient cash flow. never place buildings in such a way where they create an obstacle between your refs and the tiberium (ie placing your pp or bax next to the tiberium, which will prevent you from putting your ref as close as possible to the tib field).


*harvesters (harvs) weren't programmed with the most practical AI. they often tend to travel to far spots of tiberium when there are much closer places for them to gather it. when you place your refineries, immediately command your harv to harvest the closest tiberium to your refinery's entrance. this will contribute to you obtaining the fastest possible cash flow. also, each time a harvester leaves your refinery, try to make a habit of sending them to the closest pixel of tiberium. it may seem tedious, but it only takes a few quick clicks. in the long run it will become second nature to you and you will have much better cash flow than your opponents that neglect to do this.







scouting the map is crucial. if you can't see your opponent, how are you going to know what they are going to attack you with and how to attack them? start by sending one infantry(inf) to each corner of the map, and then sending individual inf through the shroud between the revealed area of your corner scouts. once you do this, place a group of 3 inf at each corner of the entrances to your base as antiscouts(antis) to prevent your opponent from scouting you. 3 inf will kill one passing scout as it runs by. one disc thrower(disc) is able to kill a single passing inf as well, provided that their grenades aren't thrown on cliffs or ridges (which cause them to miss).


tips for scouting: it is usually somewhat difficult to scout your opponent early with your initial scouting inf, as your opponent will have antis around their entrances by the time your scouts arrive. you must at least scout the perimeter of your opponent's base if you are unable to get inside, as this will give you vision early on for whenever they send things from their base. it's a good idea to have a couple stray inf near their base to try running in if they send their infantry out.


if you are still unable to reveal your enemy, you can create one of the following units to send across the map and scout them: gdi- amphibious apc, jump jet infantry (jj), orca fighter (orca)

nod- attack buggie (buggy), attack cycle, harpy, subterranean apc(sub)*you can fill it with infantry and deploy it in their base to scout*


*to scout with planes*, you can send them across the map to the furthest revealed terrain and constantly fly it between that point and another point that is revealed to uncover more of that area. this is why it was important for you to scout the perimeter of your opponent's base earlier. send your plane to one of the areas on one side of their base and fly it to the other side, then repeat the process however many times is necessary to see that part of the map. this is called "cross scouting" or crossing.


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