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CnCNet Team's Individual PayPal Addresses


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Do you guys all have PayPal accounts? I'm aware of Hifi's PayPal account which is linked to the donate button, but what if people wanted to, for example, buy/fund beers, or buy their family a roast pork, or pay for a lap dance for specific members who really made a difference to their game? I think there should be an option in the forum profiles to enter a PayPal address that is visible to everyone. Or maybe even just post it here in this topic. Just an idea.

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And how do you know who really made the difference?


For example, Rampastring has done most of the work on the Client. But is his work quality work? No offense, I consider it rather flimsy, but hey, it works and he's put a lot of time into it.


Anyways, they are already being paid through CnCNet/HiFi.




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