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Crazy Ivan!


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Crazy Ivan is poor, compared to Tanya.


He can't even shoot, but suicides with a bomb when deathly injured.


His bombs aren't as powerful as Tanyas, but he can plant bombs on Tanks and hence kill a tank or two. Unlike Tanya he's able to plant a bomb on Oil Derricks and move away, because his bombs don't detonate immediately like Tanya's do. Tanya planting a bomb on an Oil Derrick kills her.


That being said, Tanya can kill any building immediately whereas Crazy Ivan can merely blow up simpler buildings, like barracks, air force command and battle lab with one bomb.


Also his bombs can be defused by an engineer.


I occasionally use him to blow up bridges, but again, unlike Tanya it takes a while before the bridge blows up... Showing once again, how underpowered the soviet army is compared to allied.



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its so hard for me to take anyone with a shirtless bathroom selfie serious lol.

I have several XWIS Red Alert 2 rank #1s, so it's okay, honey.  :)


I know what I'm talking about.


Watch this:




This was played when my skill level was at its peak. I had killed all of my opponents buildings (except a power plant and radar). Then left for half an hour or so, let my miners collect $$$.


You can see me planning a massive attack and eventually winning with a so called "flak bomb".









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Ofc he is no comparison to Tanya but then he is a lot cheaper and can be built after radar. He is useful earlier in the game for blowing bridges/oils or even walking around map to opponents base.


I regularly use him on maps like Off tournament B

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-Bomb bridges.

-Sometimes if u send a tank rush consisting of flak tracks,you sneak a crzy ivan in and when your fleet is pounding the enemy base,the Ivan can exit the flak trak and start putting bombs on vulnerable buildings.

-Place on demo trucks for greater effect.

-When your Yuri mind-control an enemy unit and you dont need that unit,put a crzy ivan bomb on it and drive it straight to the enemy base!!!  :yuri:+ :ivan:

-Use Yuri to minD control civilian vehicles(or infantry)and put Ivan bombs on them and drive them straight for the enemy base.Enemies wont attack unarmed civilians units by default.

-Note that if crasy ivan placed a bomb on a unit then the unit enters a transport(eg.flak track,hovercraft,etc)the bomb timer will not go off until the unit exitted the vehicle.

-Put bombs on terrorist for greater effect.

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Ha ha that's the better tactics I was looking for.


Will definitely be doing the one where you Ivan bomb a guy and put him in transport to delay the explosion.


If you Ivan bomb a terror drone, and the terror drone enters an enemy vehicle, would that also delay the explosion? And if it kills the tank, and leaps into another tank, would the bomb stay there, constantly being delayed until the eneviable KABOOM!

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Crazy Ivan sure is crazy! But are we crazy not using him more?


What crazy tactics do you use involving Crazy Ivan?


On yr he kills most buildings in 1 bomb, warfac, afc,ref's occasionally it can be pretty useful although in a competetive game its rare id use it.


Here's a qm on ra2 where it helped win me the game though :)



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