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As many of you know, I've been thinking about/talking about, making an unofficial expansion for C&C95. Simply put; the time has come. This will include both single player missions and a rebalanced multiplayer. I will continue to make posts about each segment, (and may take a few days to fully complete) so please refrain from spamming this post with ideas. If you DO think you have a specific idea on something, then I WOULD like to hear it:



THIS POST: This post is about the general design of the Mod, not the specific stuff. This is important to get down before we go forward, and if you are looking to be a part of the mod team, then there will be a little bit of learning to be done before you join up. Just watch this thread, you'll soon understand.



To do this, and do it right, the large job of making an ENTIRE expansion will need to be broken into smaller parts.


Single Player:

-Story: This is perhaps the most important part to begin with, as some of the missions will be heavily linked to the story. This means that we are looking for a story writer.


-Missions: Obviously, we will be needing missions for our single player experience. They will consist of 2 major types.

a.Missions that carry the story

b.Missions that introduce the player to new units/structures/game concepts.

That is, they'll either carry the story or act somewhat as a tutorial.




-New balance and new units: I'll talk about these both together and separately, as there's a LOT to be said. (PLEASE DON'T SPAM THIS THREAD WITH BALANCE IDEAS!). You may make a new thread for that, if you do so desire.


-New Maps: To go with this beast of a project, we'll need some nice new multiplayer maps. They will have to be of a top standard, and more importantly, balanced for the NEW multiplayer. Which means that we'll have to somewhat be completing the balance side of this before we can properly get into the multiplayer mapping section of it.


Other stuff:

-New Terrain: There has been at least one new TD terrain pack made and it'd be nice to see more. If you have made a terrain pack and would like for it to be featured in the mod, please contact me.


-New music: The expansion will have new music (correct me if I'm mistaken Nyer, but new music can be added to the list, yes?)


-Video Cut Scenes: This one is not necessary, but if we can get a 3D artist to make us some pretty scenes, then we'll go ahead with making videos to kick you into the missions.

PERHAPS even some live acting from some of our community in costumes in front of blue/green screen... we'll see.

If anything gets cut, it'll probably be this area. I'd still like to see it.




This means that we'll be looking for the following to complete the Mod team:


-Programming (I can maybe do some of this myself, but will have to learn how to hack this)

-Story Writer

-Mission designers and makers

-Balance designers

-Balance testers

-2D Graphical artists for new units/buildings and terrain

-Competitive map designers/makers

-Musical Composer

-3D video designer/maker



I CAN for sure and will personally help out with:

-Story writing

-Mission design (but not much with making, not beyond the mapping work, anyway)

-2D art (to an extent)

-balance design (very closely)

-balance testing (I'd like to mostly watch other people test it, more than test it myself)

-competitive map design/making


Areas I have almost NO ability to help with, without learning some serious new skills:

-Programming: I will need someone to help teach me some stuff... if no one says anything, I'm hitting up Nyer and Kilk (you two have been warned xD)

-Mission -->MAKING<--

-Musical composer

-3D video artist


If you're interested in any of these jobs, please wait for me to do the full write up of what the job actually is, below in a following post (except programming). And then either message me or post in the thread.



Once again:

I will continue to make posts about each segment, (and may take a few days to fully complete) so please refrain from spamming this post with ideas. If you DO think you have a specific idea on something, then I WOULD like to hear it: SEND IT TO ME AS A PERSONAL MESSAGE.

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This is a massively important part of the single player experience, as without it, the missions will simply be stand alone challenges with no ties to the idea that they, in particular, are the new missions for this expansion.


Game story:

Because this is a game story, it has to help guide the player through missions. For this reason, the story writer will have to closely collaborate with the mission designer, and because of the restrictions in mission making, this person will also have to closely collaborate with the mission maker also. (mission design and maker maybe the same person... hopefully).

Noting that some missions will be introducing the player to new units, it'd be good to write these missions into the story. For example, there are Nod missions if the original campaign which introduce the player to the stealth tank and flame tank. The stealth tank mission, in particular, is interesting, because you have to recapture the stealth tank tech before you get to use it.


Nostalgia: Writing a story for something that has not been touched in a long time can be a tricky task, and as many people who have tried to make sequels to long ago movies have found; just because fans liked something that was, putting the same name on something new, just isn't the same.

For sure, we want a new story, one that isn't completely predicable... although C&C stories were never exactly FULL of twists. There were, however, memorable things that happen; deaths of major characters that have been guiding your briefings etc. We see this both in C&C1 and in RA2. We also see Carter get Tiberium poisoning, but not much more is told of that story.

The best example I can give of recreating something like this would probably be the new Star Wars movie. For sure, there's new stuff in it, but it mirrors the original film to such an extent, that, had a film like that have been release as the first sequel (so, instead of The Empire Strikes Back) many people may have really disliked it.

The film is, in may ways, a reboot, rather than a direct sequel and I'd say that taking a path like that would be a much better route than writing something completely crazy and new. Our best tool in delivering a game that people who love this game want, is to cater to what they know, rather than what they don't.


Obviously, in this case, we're also writing a story for a game which already has a sequel, but......

We don't have to fill in the gap between TD and TS. In fact, if we tried to do that, we'd have the feeling that the story is just inconsequential. For that reason, I'd suggest that we go with a follow up to the idea of "What if Nod won?".

Not only do we then dodge the whole issue of trying to create the past for a future (TS) that never bothered to mention it, but we're also given a problem to solve, which is the heart of any compelling story. It also leaves us with a very alive Kane.


Remember, when Nod "won" they didn't conquer the world, they took Africa, and stole a single blast from the Ion Cannon to destroy 1 of 4 different well known structures of power from around western nations. This would set the scene for both the Brotherhood looking to make it's next big move, and for GDI to pick up the pieces and rebuild to take on the biggest threat they've ever faced.


Given that the last campaigns took place in Europe and Africa, I'd suggest that the next should take place in the Americas.

Place the Nod campaign in South America: Nod are looking to take their next massive foothold in the world and ready themselves for the invasion that Seth jumped the gun on (no pun intended). South America, if you watch the info on tiberium briefing scene, is extremely rich in tiberium, and would make a perfect area for the Brotherhood to make a strategical move to. It'd also give us a good excuse to use a jungle graphical theme for the missions. Have them slowly move into the north and into mexico, where we'd then return to using the Desert theatre as they prepare to push into the States.


Here we have a choice, we can make the campaigns exists side by side as we've previously seen in TD, or we can take the SC idea of putting the campaigns back to back as a full story of how GDI saved the world.


Place the GDI campaign in North America. Have them desperately trying to hold back Nod forces as while also rebuilding their broken forces. They start off losing, meaning that Nod rolls into the cities, giving us an excuse to use an urban theatre. Perhaps we can have Nod closing in from multiple borders, placing some missions in Canada where we can use the Snow theatre also.




This was not just about 2 opposing factions, but also about an alien environmental invasion. It's important that this threat is still looming and we can also make missions that are more so about this issue.

For GDI tiberium is a threat that is being utilised as a tool to try and hold back Nod. However, for Nod, tiberium is their freedom and ultimately their greatest weapon against, what is perceived as, the tyranny of the west.



If you'd like the job of being the story writer, or be involved with the writing of the story please comment below.


If you have ideas for what could be in the story, please send me a personal message.


DO NOT POST IDEAS FOR THE STORY BELOW (you'd only be giving away your own spoilers, after all)

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Missions reflect the story, much of what you'll need to know to design missions will be reflected in the information under "story", above this one. If you haven't read through that yet, please do so before continuing onto this one.


The missions carry the single player experience. We can have a great story with fantastic new units, graphics, music... but without missions that are entertaining, that welcome the player back into the tiberium world; we have but a car with no engine.


The mission designer will, obviously, will run along side the story writer.

They will follow the story, bringing it alive on the battlefield, missions will also act as tutorials, introducing the player to new units. These should be intuitive missions, where the player will go up against the EXACT type of enemies that this weapon is good at defeating. A really good example of that in the original C&C is the orca mission, where Nod has turrets all over the cliffs, but no SAMs except in their base. This video may help you to understand tutorials:




A missions purpose is not to flatten anyone but the best players, but to create a beatable challenge that immerses the player in the story and world. The original C&C missions start of easy and become more complex and difficult as it continues. While we don't have to start from step one with people, we should follow this basic idea.


As with the story, however, while we're obviously creating something new, we're also trying to recapture ideas that we've had before. To do this, we'll be looking at making several missions that recreate ideas/situations that we've seen before, but with twists etc.

Echoing the original campaign in this way is a great tool for bringing back old vets of the game, while also allowing us to borrow good ideas that have already been seen in the C&C universe, without looking like we just wanted to rip it off. We also want to be able to give it newer players as something stand alone.


The new missions will not just include new units, but also new graphics for terrain. Some of it maybe a full new theatre, meaning you'd just make it as normal and switch the theatre over as text, other areas may need to be hex edited for special tiles placed into old theatres. I currently have some ideas for missions already and you'll be working with me to bring it all together. I'd like to see a bare minimum of 5 missions per side, but would be great to make a full campaign IF we can.


If you'd like the job of being a mission designer/maker, or be involved with the designing/making of the missions please comment below.


If you have ideas for what could be in a mission(s), please send me a personal message.


DO NOT POST IDEAS FOR MISSIONS BELOW (you'd only be giving away your own spoilers, after all)

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New Balance and Units:

As with any full RTS expansion, this release will introduce new units to both teams and tweak some existing units to create a more compelling game and continue the C&C TD legacy.


This task will be chopped in half, one team will be involved with the ideas for the new multiplayer, while the other will mostly be playing that out in matches, seeing how the changes have effected the game.


The philosophy for remaking this aspect of the game will NOT being about balancing out each individual unit, as much as it will be about making a "perfect imbalance".


Before I go any further, please watch the following:



The "perfect imbalance" mean is what gives the teams their flavour, and makes the game compelling and exciting. Take, for example, RA1: in RA1 the 2 teams are more balanced, they're more similar than the 2 teams in TD, but they are also not as interesting to play as nor to watch as a game.

As an example in TD, Nod buggies are a unit which, when compared to the humvee are blatantly imbalanced, but let's say that we either nerf the buggy or buff the humvee so that they trade evenly. Now that they are balanced, tell me; how is Nod now the "faster" team? If humvees counter bikes and trade evenly with humvees, then Nod now HAS to make tanks to counter. This forces the Nod player to be slower, which takes from the "Nod is speedy" flavour of the team.

Instead, what if GDI is given a new unit, or has one of it's current unit's be changed, to hard counter the buggy. A weapon that can take on large amounts of buggies, in the same way that flame weapons can take on large amounts of infantry? Well then Nod keeps it's speed, but GDI seeks to gain it's new weapon, to deal with this type of threat. So long as this weapon isn't speedy, both teams get to keep their flavour, and the game is more interesting to play and watch.

The biggest current issue is that some units, such as the buggy, feel like they have no true counter for the price paid, and that the best counter play includes base defences, which results in one player hoping the other is silly enough to drive their units into a grinder; if they don't, then the turtling player loses to a more economical build.

We also see units that are not only above the Jedi Curve with no proper counter (like the Nod buggy or Apache) but we also see units that are below the Jedi Curve (MRLS, CHem Trooper) and have almost no use. We'll be looking to put these to really good use.


Cyclical balance, can play into C&C dramatically, and keep the game feeling forever fresh; like you can never QUITE tell what someone is about to do, or how they are about to play. The "Champion A" beats "Champion B" can be looked at as which unit beats what, but also, what PLAY beats what.

Using speed, for example, may mean that you almost never made a proper counter unit to the units that your opponent made, but also looking at flying units, APC/heli drops, stealth attacks etc can play into the game in a way that means that someone might make all the right units to counter what another player is making, but may still lose. C&CTD is more than a game of paper scissors rock, it's also about HOW you use what you build, how you react to different situations (which could both be what your opponent is doing, but also what the map is like... and a combination of both).


For example, we could buff the chem trooper to make him work perfectly in combat, only to find that a chem trooper drop is so powerful that it's outright broken.

We could Nerf the recon bike, making it trade evenly in combat, only to find that Nod can't function without the speedy rockets.

We could buff WF hp to find that Nod's bet was to just turtle.


While seeing the game play out in a different way maybe interesting, or seeing a particular frustration be outright removed from the game maybe reliving, we'll make a better game by keeping current strategies viable, while adding new counter plays to the "unbeatable builds". This is not to say that things we currently find imbalanced WONT be nerfed/buffed, but that the first priority will be to create a new counter play, and then balance the older aspects into the new collaboration.


Ultimately, we'll be looking to create changes which:

-Create cyclical balancing so that every unit and play has a counter unit/play.

-Add new units that help to rein in units that are outside the Jedi curve without a counter.

-Nerf/buff anything that is so far outside of the Jedi curve that in order to make a hard counter for it, it would require making another unit too far outside the Jedi curve.

-Have tech paths/plays that counter one another. Tech paths may include: 2nd WF/air strip, flyers, comm centre and maybe a new tech building etc.



There will be 2 teams of people: Designer(s) and Testers

The designers job is to come up with units (I actually have a lot of this in mind, but 2 heads are often better than 1), new tech paths etc.

A game, or several versions of it, will be created, and then given to the testers, who will be told what the changes are. It's their job to do as many different things that they can on a variety of pre selected maps. Testers may also be given a selection of different unit combinations to simple micro, to see how units trade out for their given cost.

They give feedback to the designers, and any extra notes about how they may feel about buffs/nerfs, but it's for the designers to decide how to solve the puzzle. This is both to help to separate artistic thinking (more so required for the design) and player ability (required for the testers). Games should also be recorded for designers to check over.


If you'd like the job of being the a multiplayer designer or tester, please comment below.


If you have ideas for what could bein the new balance, please send me a personal message.


DO NOT POST IDEAS FOR THE SPECIFIC MUTIPLAYER UNITS/NERFS/BUFFS BELOW(you'd only be giving away your own spoilers, after all)


You can, however, add to the ideas publicly. For example, if you have more to add on the ideas of perfect imbalance or cyclical balance, go for it.

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2D art, for units and or terrain:

The expansion will include new units and terrain.

The terrain side can be started as soon as a vague location for the story is started. Once we've decided on the area that the campaign(s) will take place in, the artists for terrain can get set to do their thing. This will probably be done quite quickly, as I've already stated, probably in NA and SA.


I'm aware that terrain for Jungle exists and would love to see it be used in the expansion.

Tschokky if you're reading this and are happy to see your jungle theatre used, just pop in a comment below. If I hear nothing I'll just message you.


The expansion will probably also include an urban terrain. I'm aware that kilk was working on something like this for his own mod, which means I can either ask him about that (as I believe his was not a separate theatre but instead he'd kinda mashed several theatres together), or we get to work on a new one. I'm happy to use both ideas for it, and it's more up to what people are willing to do/allow. I'm also happy to work on much of the graphics terrain myself.



We'll also be adding new units to the mix, and before we start drawing these graphically, we need to decide what they do (what role they play: amour/HP/Weapon) and then beyond that actually design what we WANT the unit to look like, and then finally, the job of the graphic artist to draw it up.

Again, I have ideas about these, but how things play out in the game will decide what gets kept/scrapped.

In other words; no use making full graphics for units that we're not going to use. Let's figure out what we want and then draw JUST that.

I've made some graphics for units before and may use some of those assets here. I'm also happy to also help out in this area, but I'm putting this job up as many hands make light work, and sometimes people can strait up do a better job than myself.





If you'd like the job of being a 2D graphical artist, please comment below.


If you have previously released graphics for C&C that you think could be used and would like to see featured in the mod, please post below.


IF YOU HAVE IDEAS FOR GRAPHICS AND TONS OF STUFF THAT SHOULD BE IN THE MOD, DON'T POST BELOW. Instead: send me a personal message with your graphical ideas that you think could work.



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holy shit what a mouthful!


Seriously though, I'd probably be able to contribute a couple of maps and/or script a couple pre-made maps.  Obviously I don't have much free time these days; and what I do have I use for my campaign (whoo almost 1/2 done!), but I could commit to at least that.  That is, if you're using the standard TD format.


I, too, had been looking into making cutscenes and hopefully will make some progress on that front.  I mean, how hard could crappy mid-90's CGI really be these days?


Heh heh, I also might have some blue screen paint.  I think I can pull off an "evil cheezy overacting badguy"

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Great to hear.

Yeah, it actually looks like more writing than it is... the text is quite squashed, left to right, so it spreads down fast and looks frightening, haha.


Yeah, it's scripting that I have no idea about. I guess I could watch a tute on it (did you make a tut vid? I heard rumours... hehe).


I'm happy to make up most if not ALL of the mission maps, as far as placing terrain, buildings, units and even giving a written idea of what sorts of units the AI should be using and how the mission is meant to work... I'm also aware of auto attacking north targets and can design maps around that before handing them over for scripting.


I'm well aware that I personally will be putting in the hard yards for this to happen.

Glad to have you aboard. Your previous credits in map making are more than enough to convince me.



On cut scenes; yeah, I'll talk more about that tomorrow. We might just do it with voice acting.

Would be cool to get someone to voice act kane. Again, more soon.

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-Story Writer

-Mission designers and makers - i'm on it!

-2D Graphical artists for new units/buildings and terrain - I can offer some of the graphic stuff I made for RA:Discovert Ops and my terrain tiles I did for RA.

-Balance designers

-Balance testers - generally yes, but depends on my time

-Competitive map designers/makers - where is the difference to mission designer/maker?

-Musical Composer - I can compose, but don't have the software/experience to create and mix the instruments

-3D video designer/maker - not mine.

seems to be a lot work to do all the .exe hackings necessary for that :engie:


PS: what in Kylo Ren's name is a "Jedi Curve"?  O_o

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-Story Writer

-Mission designers and makers - i'm on it!

-2D Graphical artists for new units/buildings and terrain - I can offer some of the graphic stuff I made for RA:Discovert Ops and my terrain tiles I did for RA.

-Balance designers

-Balance testers - generally yes, but depends on my time

-Competitive map designers/makers - where is the difference to mission designer/maker?

-Musical Composer - I can compose, but don't have the software/experience to create and mix the instruments

-3D video designer/maker - not mine.

seems to be a lot work to do all the .exe hackings necessary for that :engie:


PS: what in Kylo Ren's name is a "Jedi Curve"?  O_o


Great, the missions is one of the big things I needed help with, and surely will take up a LOT of the time.


Nice to hear that we have some other pre-made assets to look at when designing maps etc. I think I've look at your stuff before, but I'll take another look to refresh my memory on the stuff you made (I seem to recall some pretty cool civi stuff?).


Missions can be all sorts of different shapes and sizes to allow a player to walk through a path and discover things along the way, kinda like an RPG, where a player is on a journey of sorts.

A multiplayer map is a field which helps to emphasis all sorts of different strategies for two players to create and take advantage of; figuring out how to use their teams strengths on the map and in reaction to their opponent, kinda like a sports field.

Think of the difference between a LoL map compared to a dungeon in Diablo.

If this confuses you and you don't understand the concept, or you do kinda understand the concept but don't know how to turn that into a map, maybe stay away from the design area of multiplayer maps.

You can compose? I'll keep that in mind, but continue to look for someone who feels at home with the task.


Yeah, I'll bet it's gonna take some serious hacking, and some learning on my end.


I guess you skipped the video, if you didn't get the "Jedi Curve" thing. Here it is again here:



You might want to watch that and then re-read the area below the video again, will make more sense, I promise :)


All in all, I'm super happy to have you on the team, so welcome aboard! :D


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Multiplayer Maps:

The new expansion will include a bundle of multiplayer maps. These maps will cater to different game styles, from FFA type maps, team games and 1v1 matches.


It's important that most if not all units be viable choices on the maps, so they not only need to be balanced between the players via some type of symmetry, but also have different features that block certain areas, while opening up others. Meaning certain units will have a place to be used on all the maps.

A map can still have an emphasis on certain types of gameplay and it would be a positive thing to have a variety of maps that make the player think when they're firing the game up, but within all this is the obvious issue of "How do I make a map for units that we don't yet have?"


In order for these people to do their job, they'll have to cater for these new units and how they effect the game. In other words, there will be at least a BIT of a wait until the new units have been 100% decided on WHAT they will be (at least the roles). Fine tuning can still take place while maps are designed, though, that should be less of an issue.


Many different types of people play C&C online and they enjoy different game styles. It's helpful for the success of the expansion to cater to all of these people. It also means that more people are having fun.


If you understand how to use the map editor, but these are ideas are something that you're having trouble understanding, this job may not be for you. Perhaps try looking at the maps:

Iron Valley

Twin Peaks

Frosted Hostilities



See if you can understand why these in particular are really good for competitive 1v1 games.

and maybe try to spot things that could have been improved in them, also.



The new expansion will also have new terrain themes, so having maps not only in the normal theatres, but also making sure to include snow, Jungle and Urban it important in giving people a really beautiful looking package and to constantly remind them that they are playing something "new and improved".


If you'd like the job of being the a multiplayer map designer or maker, please comment below.


If you have ideas for what else could be important in multiplayer maps, please feel free to write something up.


If you have a map that you've made that you think might fit the bill, even if it needs tweaking, SEND ME A PRIVATE MESSAGE. DO NOT POST MAPS YOU'VE MADE AND NOT RELEASED BELOW. (you'd only be spoiling the surprise of what's in the map bundle).



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New Music:

The Tiberian Dawn music certainly has it's own feel, and while a lot of that feel comes from the nostalgia that games/films like this often have, they also fit somewhat of a musical design.


There are different types of songs, but most fit into either rock or environmental style. There are also some that seem to fit into other categories.


In the case of the more rocky music, there is often spoken (but not sung) lyrics of some sort of political nature. In the case of writing songs like this, there's some importance in keeping with that theme. Quotes from the original cut scenes/briefings could also work very well. Take, for example, some of the words from the briefings could double fill the issue of trying to pull nostalgia and also get the player in the feel of warfare/political stuff.


The more environmental style music, however, is where the composer can take quite a bit more of an artistic licence and just "go for it".


If you, or if someone you know, would like the job of composing music for the expansion, please post below. Ask around on this one. If you know someone who might like to have a go at this, even if they only write a single track, I'd still love to hear about it. We might end up with a few different people's work to complete the new tracks.


Have a listen through the old TD musical tracks and get an idea of what's in it.




If you'd like the task of being a composer for this project, please post below.


If you have a friend who would like to be a composer for expansion, please post below.



Instead, send me a private message with a link to the music, so that we can see if it fits, without spoiling the surprise for the players.

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-Video Cut Scenes:

There are a number of video cut scenes in C&C which allow the player to get into the story and world of the game much deeper, bringing what is otherwise a 2D pixelated game to life as real tangable objects.

They also serve to tell a story about characters; generals, soldiers, leaders, henchmen and even scientists and news casters. There's no reason we can't branch out and have political leaders and other important voices having a real face for the player to see, helping to convince them of these things, that as a designer, we're simply telling the player is happening.


There are largely 2 types of cut scenes.

1. Actors telling the player things they need to know and dropping hints about the world.

2. Action scenes that showcase warfare but also units, especially sci-fi units, basically kicking ass.

(Flame tank, Stealth tank and orca are all the really good examples of this)


Obviously, story wise. we almost certainly will have to deal with characters that have already been established in this world; Kane, being the most obvious.

We can actually have Kane, in the world, with cut scenes, saying new things. Just... we have to work it right.


This is a good example of using voice acting to "fake it". Obviously, in this case, there is also electronic voice editing, but you get the picture.

This would mean that the player would NOT be taking direct orders from Kane like he was in the original C&C (obviously), but we might be able to have "his voice" come in over a radio comm, or something.


Having voice actors who mimic needed old characters helps to keep the world that has already been established alive, and so has major importance in story telling.


We can also use the story to explain why certain characters are not around, if we have no decent way of pulling them in.



If you think that you might be able to mimic the voice of a C&C character really well, such as:

Mark Sheppard

Ignatio Mobius

J.C. Carter

M.O. Morelli




Greg Burdette


This is not to say that we WILL have all these characters in the game, but if we have voice leverage, I know I personally will be looking to try and push some of that characters voice in where I can.



If you would like to be a 3D artist for the expansion, please post below. Feel free to show some of your work if you have some, to give an idea of what you can do.


If you have video editing skills, cutting and pasting together pieces of clips to form something new, placing sounds over the top, etc, or know someone who would like to help in this department, please post below. You can attach things you've made to give an idea of your skills.


If you would like to try voice acting as a character, pick one and give us a word for word recite of any scene where that character is clearly talking. If you sound about the same, I'll be happy to cast you for it.


While all new characters do not yet exist, I can think of one style of character that I would like to have as part of the story, and that is an Alex Jones type character. You can google that if you don't know who that is.

So, if you have, or can put on, a strong Texan accent and rant like crazy, please, give us a demo, and if it sounds good, we can look at casting you for the part.



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This looks like some really in-depth serious stuff. Sounds awesome but a lot of work.


I would be willing to support it except my lack of.... Skills in most of these things mean I will mostly be limited to playtesting and maybe some mapmaking.

if I make any Singleplayer missions I can try and do more than barebones this time - Kilk knows what I mean.

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Yeah, I'm looking for any help, really. As you've said here, "looks like a lot of work". As I've put at the top, I can do quite a bit myself, but even getting help in areas that I CAN do is helpful, as it's less stuff I have to do myself. Also, getting other opinions on stuff often helps things along.


Testing is fine, we'll need to do quite a bit and currently you're the only one who's put their hand up for it. I might have to try and draft some others. I'm sure once I get something that sounds more interesting than what this thread delivers (and I pretty much have at least a starting idea for new balance/units) then we will get some others wanting a crack at seeing how it plays.


This might mean releasing more info than I had liked, but oh well.


Well, if you're happy to do testing and maybe some maps, then I'm more than happy to have you on the team.


Welcome aboard.

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I'm okay with my urban environment being used by others once I've finished my mod. It's not 100% a new theatre as there's some cliffs and buildings I've not replaced as my mod cannibalised civilian buildings into regular buildings for the extra factions, but it should work fine enough. There's no custom palettes or anything.


If you do go with South America and use that sick Jungle scheme, you could also consider the Barren theatre that guy did. I've had no use for it but I think it looks great, it depends on your setting of course.


Also... good luck! :cncsmirk:

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that guy


That guy also recommends using the Cave tileset as well  :yo:


Hey Tschokky!


I should have messaged you earlier, but because I hadn't decided exactly on all of the locations, I hadn't yet bothered to message you.

Regardless, it's good to hear from you and really happy to hear that you'd like to see your theatres as part of this project.

I'd almost forgotten about the "cave" tileset, I remember that looking pretty cool. I'll keep it all in mind as we move forward.

If there's anything else you'd like to know about, feel free to message me.


Thanks man!


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