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AuFMindwar racist remarks in game


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I'm wondering if its possible to report a player for making racist comments, this isn't the first time seeing this type of negative possessed behavior on cnc. If it's possible, please ban this player from abusing and flaming others based on their race/religion.




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Exact quote from Sunny "You know who wasn't that bad? Hitler."


There's another flying example of how possessed you are to make up such a lie. I never said such a disgusting comment, if those were my views I would not report you. First saw you online last week and you began disrespecting others (including me) and flaming people in game based on ethnicity and religion and insulting muslims and jews. I never said one thing to you about race. Another player who goes by the nick Faze did the same thing I just didn't bother to report him yet. Other than that I haven't played a game with you in about 8 years since you last quit on xwis, so of course you are definitely lying.


forewarning to others, avoid this negative player (AufMindwar), surround yourself with positive people who don't abuse others.



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