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First, I apologize for my bad English.


This is the question:


Two months ago, I was banned for no apparent reason. I never used wrong language, and never cheated.


My last game was against a member of the "{H8}" clan, and everything was very pleasant. At the end of the game, he congratulated me for the good game, and proposed to me to join his clan, and I accepted gladly. So the last thing I did was change my nick with the prefix of the clan, and close the game. The next day, surprisingly, I was banned.


I can't understand why, and I'm very frustrated. What can I do to fix this mess?

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You were banned cause you apparently tried to cheat, I don't have the log here right now so I can't tell details.

But the 30days are over already so I'm gonna remove the ban


Make sure you don't use any cheats and/or any kind of automated gameplay


Wow, I'm surprised to hear that! I've never tried to cheat in this game. That was my little brother clearly, since both use the same computer. I'll be careful next time. Thanks for your attention.

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I'm banned again?! What's the reason this time? Cheating? All I can see are bad


sarcastic comments of ignorant people saying that I'm a cheater. People like to


think what they want to believe either way. I respect their opinions, and I


don't care about any of them. But, it's not true. Not this time, at least. I'm


the only playing this game actually, and I can assure you that I've not


cheated. How many cheaters do you see in this game guys? Anyway, I want an


explanation: Why I am banned this time? Someone reported me for supposedly


cheating? How to justify this? Finally, I'll do one observation; the admin


said: "apparently cheating". And my conslusion of all this, is that anyone can


be banned based on this theory, which I consider illegitimate. I would like to


check that log, to see what I did before, especially the last week. Apologies


for the bad english.

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