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Marko(Iraq) vs MustacheX(Yuri) on Heck TL vs BR


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That was NOT one of marko's best games :p.

I thought he had a significant amount of chances to end it early, and also with various superweapons timed. 

MustacheX played well tho, and Marko showed some excellent tactics, but when you make just a few mistakes against Yuri, you will pay dearly as this game shows. 

Great game, thanks.

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No offense to MustacheX who looks like a good player, but Marko (if that was really him) was just messing with him, probably just killing some time while his Heroes of the Storm game was updating :D, I mean, he was using IC'd tanks to scout ffs! Not to mention not expanding his base, among other things.

Btw, Yuri moving down to mid on Heck early in the game is like taking a Nuke to a fist fight :D. I was waiting for the brute dollars to start pumping out right after mid gems were gone because apparently they weren't enough :D.

Still a fun watch though, thanx for the upload.

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