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Make sure to lock up during the holiday season!


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One of the scariest times in my life...

A few days ago (Friday, morning to be exact), my house was broken into and robbed. Here's the super scary part: what they took was RIGHT NEXT TO MY WIFE AND ME WHILE WE WERE SLEEPING!!! FFFFUUUUAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!

My wife and I are both fine, thank god/allah/budah, but all sorts of scenarios are still playing out in my head (even as I type this) of what could have happened had I been awake and tried to defend ourselves. He/they (I don't know how many) took our wallets, phones (iphone 7+, iphoneX and Samsung S8), sets of keys to entire house and two cars (stole one of them... my fucking Holden Commodore SS VE V8... AAAAARRRRGGGGHHH!!!), then made several hundreds of dollars worth of purchases. All that was done in the morning between the hours of 6:30 am and 10am! The burglar(s) managed to quietly break into 3 locked doors, including our bedroom (again with my wife and I sleeping in it, and tv was turned on quite loud, as usual, which is probably why we never heard anything). I've never once been robbed in my life, and the first time happens like this... jeeezus.

The police found my car yesterday, but as expected, with several damages. Why couldn't they just take it for a joy ride but leave it intact so that they can steal it again at a later date... stupid asshole(s)). Forensics found no fingerprints though :(. We've reset all our bank cards and the bank said that all our stolen funds will all be reimbursed, we've disabled the IMEI numbers on the stolen phones, and all the stuff that was taken from inside the house will also be replaced by insurance and I've purchased a new vehicle. So we're slowly recovering, both the stolen goods and emotionally.

It's all partly my fault as I live in a fairly wealthy area where most houses are double-storey, including mine, and have a fairly large block of land with a swimming pool (those thieving pricks probably went for a dip first before taking off with my car :D) which should have been a good indication for me to upgrade the security (which was practically none). We've lived in this house for over 6 years now with no problems. I guess we've just been lucky.

In conclusion, Christmas is coming and burglars want free presents and free money to go and buy presents, so make sure to stay safe and alert guys... RED ALERT! We're now going to go into maximum security :D: double locks, alarm, cameras (connected to our phones) and roller door shutters on all windows. I'm also thinking of getting a dog again, but I never really wanted to after my last one passed away. Or I could move back to America where guns are a lot easier to get, then I can just shoot them (oh wait, my green card is expired :D). But what if they shoot us first.... :o Nah, I think I'll stay in Australia and just go into hyper defensive mode like some C&C players like to do :D.

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I spoke to the insurance assessor earlier today and it looks like all our stolen items will either be replaced with brand new ones or the newer version if they're unable to find an identical one! Thank you burglar(s), thank you for my new stuff and new car, MERRY XMAS! :D


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