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Converting 8bit ddraw surface to 32-bit

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I am currently implementing Bilinear filtering (and I will probably implement bicubic later) to cnc-ddraw's GDI render. First thing I must do is convert the 256 colors scheme used by C&C to 32-bits scheme. Currently, I tried to set the bmiHeader.biBitCount to 32 and use the line to convert a ddraw-surface to opengl texture:

((int*)upscaled)[i*dst_width+j] = ddraw->primary->palette->data_bgr[((unsigned char *)ddraw->primary->surface)[i*ddraw->primary->lPitch + j*ddraw->primary->lXPitch]];

But all that I get is a chunky blued output image.


Well, I was not going to post this message before revising things, but I pressed a bunch of keys by mistake on my keyboard and this topic was posted. Perhaps someone can give me some useful info.

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