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Suggestion: Donor badges and custom colors

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Hi all! I have a new wave of suggestions to boost engagement and CnCNet's support: custom donor badges and colors!

It would be really cool to show IN GAME and forum badges, custom chat/name colors, etc. So, let's say for example someone donates $10, acknowledge their contribution by giving them a donor badge and a custom chat color/bold and name color/bold. And make the default chat set to one color that is not editable unless you're a donor! And you could setup different donor tiers to add further customization/cooler badges. 

I realize everyone can choose their own login name and that will cause a bit of difficulty, but if you're already using a login system for ranked ladder games, maybe the integration wouldn't be too bad? I have no idea, just a suggestion!

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whoaaaaaaaaaaa. Well nobody knows about this LOL. Perhaps make it off by default? Thanks for the tip!!!!!

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Yeah, the donor --> badges idea is the same sort of thing Rocket League and Fortnite do. "Pay" for new skins and different items in the game that have no meaning based on the game other than to look cool. It's basically a hidden donation. Good ideas.

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