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How to improve all player on a custum map?


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Ive been busy making some maps, both suiteble for multiplayer online and skirmisch.

Now i whant to make the all more difficult to beat, to make the maps even more interesting.

I found this section in the rules.ini



My aim is to make the all  to attack more, and also that they defend there base better.


Do i need to raise the numbers, or do i need to lower them??

And is there somewhere a guide online wich provides in this info??

Much apreciated!!


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All i try to do, is to make maps that are suiteble for 1 vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3 matches and ffa. Also i whant to integrate a more difficult all player on all the maps i make. Butt i dont know how to set the values, and until now no1 reacted, also not from team cnc.


So i keep waiting!

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