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Play C&C To improve life!


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Here i'm gonna explain, why Gaming is NOT  a waste of time!

How ridiculous, and super un-interesting this may sound, what you're about to read here might change your life

First of all, I've talked to many players on cnc. A lot of them play after work, to relax, get out of 'the burden of life' for a moment, some are jobless and play all day because they hate the system (consciously or subconsciously), and want to focus their minds into the amazing entertaining games of cnc.  Me personally, When I chat with players, i'm very interested in people's mind and how they conversate online, so no matter if they're swearing or cursing people out, I still appreciate the person, recognize his behaviour, and want them to open up so I can see whats truely going on. And to be honest, i sometimes really get a kick out of the madness of our minds. Even me get annoyed sometimes too when getting owned, and wanna defend my noobness. But its actually very rare for me since I regulary practice to be fully present in my body, which is the dimension where all suffering ends. For me to be mentally challenged while playing Tiberian Sun, is a sign that i know that this is one of the best practices to reclaim consciousness back from your mind. Wait what? Yes we can 'RECLAIM consciousness, back from our minds. Ok hold on, this does sound a little 'floaty', and i'm not intended to go floaty, i'm being as REAL as it GETS. I mean come on! We all know 99% of humanity suffer from thinking too much. Most of us has become unaware of our thoughts that create emotions, and emotions that gets us stuck. SO why not USE this game as a spiritual practice to become Enlightened, as to speak. C&C gaming, you can either WIN or LOSE. Can you accept your LOSS? I'm going deeper into this in a bit. First, let me explain a little about our human psyche.

ALMOST everyone suffers from his/her painbody. Whats the painbody?  It is an accumulation of painful life experience that was not fully faced and accepted in the moment it arose. It leaves behind an energy form of emotional pain. It comes together with other energy forms from other instances, and so after some years you have a “painbody,” an energy entity consisting of old emotion.

The Painbody believes that through negativity, it can manipulate reality and get what it wants. Its only usefull function is to strengthen the ego tho, which ofcourse the ego loves. And of course because of the ego, we are actually 2 persons, and thats why we suffer, cuz we don't know who we truely are. We think we are the ego, which is actually just an accumulation of thoughts. And its a very common phenomenon and its considered NORMAL, but its also insane. But even though to me it seems insane, its also part of evolution. On the lower level we see it as insanity, but on a higher level we see that it's a part of our evolution. Trust me, its ok, to be a dick time to time. Some of us has experience tragic things we didnt fully face. Even in nature we will see for example Gazelle's that have witnessed the death of their kids. SO its ok.. We can't deny that we're Warriors. ANd if you think about it, we are all warriors. Every animal and even plants have their own unique ability to survive, so we can't deny it. Anyway, now that you're aware of the madness in your mind, you can be aware of it. And thats all it takes. Being concious is like shining with your flashlight through the fog. Your flashlight is your consciounsess, its you being fully present, and see what's going on. and the fog might be... an irritation for example. Just by shining your flash light, the fog goes away. So whenever you feel something negative, or a slight irritation, use that feeling to tell you you're not present, that way you become present. Just take a look at the feeling inside you.

Resistance is the mind.

In the state of surrender, you see very clearly what need to be done. Now I'm not talking about in game options > abort> surrender, lol no. I'm talking about surrender to what is. Surrender to how you feel and what your thinking, to what is happening right now. 

If you can't change the situation, use the situation to become deeper present. Use it to surrender. Now you don't have to literally surrender in game, as I said, the game is WIN or Lose, and me personally sometimes have more fun losing, by just still trying my best to defend my last building eventho its being attacked by 100 tanks, lol. Use the situation in the game, to surrender spiritually.

But ofcourse if you're annoyed very often, and you try to apply a change like this, you might not bare fruit immediately. Change comes real easy in strange ways without a lot of action, its in the state of presence.

Don't confuse Surrendering with an attitude of " I just don't care anymore", if you look at it closely, you can see such an attitude is filled with negativity in the form of hidden resentment, and so is not surrender, but masked resistance. As you surrender, check within yourself if there is any forms of resistance of 'what is', and dissolve it by discovering it.  If you don't do so, the pocket of resistance may hide in a dark corner; in the form of a thought or unacknowledged emotion. Start by acknowledging there is resistance. Be there when it happends. Just feel it. Notice how the mind created it. By witnessing the resistance, you will notice it serves no purpose . By focusing all your attention on the NOW, the unconscious resistance is made conscious, and thats the end of it.

You cannot be conscious and unhappy, or conscious and in negativity. Negativity, unhappiness, suffering in whatever form means there is resistance. And resistance is always unconscious. Even if you're conscious of your unhappy feelings, the truth is that you're identified with them, and keep that process alive through compulsive thinking. Its all unconcious.  If you're conscious, which means totally present in the now, all negativity would drop almost instantly, it could not survive in your presence. It can only survive in your absence. 


-- Alright so this might be a little too much for you, so i will stop with the facts right here, even tho i have alot more notes written down. I just want you to know great ways of getting present. . Ofcourse the breath is a great gateway to use to get present. Just focus on your breath, another way is to feel the inner energy field inside your body, just feel it. Another way is to just observe your thoughts, your emotions, just look at it, its all it takes. Its like I said earlier, by shining the flashlight, you see through the fog, and you will become still.  So you;re using your focus on what's going on right now. Then, just notice how your mind want ALL your focus. Every little thought wants your FULLEST attention, its like a train that easily carries you with it. I know it could be real hard at first to claim consciousness from your mind, and focus it into your body, but with practice it will become easier and easier. Don't worry if you don't succeed. I'm sure many of you have tried to meditate, and came to the conclusion you can't meditate, or are just not interested. Truth is that alot of the new-age techniques don't involve presence, and is basically just another form of religion. So please, everything i've typed here, don't believe in it or don't believe it in. Put it to the test. Don't just agree or disagree with what i'm saying, just be fully aware of the present moment right now.

And no matter if its unsuccesfull, after you've read this is, it can become a growing seed in your mind. So don't worry

So thaha ofcourse i care about all the cnc players, so I really wanted to share this with you guys. Knowing that we can use every thing in our lifes to become present, and even enlightened, as a fully present person, so even your relationships, all the slightest annoyances could be used for this spiritual practice, especially this game you can use as a spiritual practice. And ofcourse I know the ego really wants to disagree with all of this, cuz we're gonna die eventually anyway and it doesnt matter. typically ego speaking, the truth is that the only thing that dies, is the illusion of death itself. The ego does NOT wanna die, and guess what.... the present moment is the ego's death, so it will try its 100% best to convince you out of this teaching. 


and oh yea.. i had this in my clipboard: People complain alot about the little errors, and we all know by now that the original makers of RA2 and TS etc did leave a bunch of big problems for cncnet, just enjoy them for now. Use these too, as a spiritual practice, to observe your mind, your emotions, or a real great technique too is to ask yourself: WHAT GOING ON INSIDE OF ME, RIGHT NOW?  u don't have to answer it, just observe. 

I might add some replies to this, lol tho i don't want this to become my blog lmao. Just wanna wake people up out of their ego state - if you think you're finished with it, ofcourse.

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On 9/16/2018 at 3:47 AM, fir3w0rx said:



You could have written all that in one sentence:

"Focus on what you are feeling right NOW (the present) and leave the past behind - you will better" :D


SUp fireworx! Oh yeah that states it pretty clearly. But it's impossible as long as you are your mind', so we need some more direction to become aware that our minds have taken us over, and so when we become aware of it, we become that awareness, and we can make our minds our servant while doing every thing it is you're doing, in immense joy. (i got all this from eckhart tolle's teachings,)

What I mean with 'you are your mind', is that when your thinking has taken you over, and you are its slave. It will trick you with the most smartest strategies. It's just trying to survive, thats all. And it needs time to survive. Just notice that it's always thinking about some future event, or past event.   It can't accept the present moment. Now the trick to make your mind your servant, is to enjoy every little thing you do at this moment. Just to focus on what you're doing in the NOW, everything you're doing will improve. You will create little gaps, when your awareness is focused on what you're doing, and so in that little space that you've created for yourself you will feel abundance of joy. Great gateways are, to feel yourself inside your body. If you can feel yourself inside your body at all times, you're a pretty enlightened person, and will effect everyone around you with your presence. Or just focus on your breath. Ofcourse the mind will think its super boring and you need some more stimulation, thats very normal at first, but if you'r reading this it means your interested, and if your interested it means the process for you has began. De ego might delay it, and thats what happened to me too: Like 5 years ago i love to read the power of now, and tried to become as present as i could be, but i thought it was impossible and really hard because i can't stop my mind. But now it has returned to me, because its our primary purpose in life: to become aware. Just think about these times like the story of fish going on to land and so develop legs and become humans. Ofcourse this process was very long, firstly the pressure of gravity was too heavy, they went back. But tried again and again, and then after generations they would develop lungs etc etc. They must have done that because the waters they were in was cut off from the main ocean, and so to get on land was the only option left.

So basically we are those fish, and we've been cut off from the main ocean. And as you can see in the world today, the painbody will only drive itself to his own grave, so we have to become aware of it. That's why i love this game. Everything you build is meant for destruction. Its a great example of all of this. All we do is kill each other, lmao. And there are people that just surrender cuz they don't wanna face the pain of losing, or are in any other way afraid of feeling pain. The fact that youre being killed by maybe all 4 opponents, all on you, or just an opponent that's owning you with his skills, you can't do nothing about it. And that's beautifull. You're forced to accept whats happening to your base. And you can observe how people IDENTIFY THEMSELFS with their base. So when they die, they get super upset. lol. Its just the ego denying the present moment. Its also a good reason why players love to play Giants of war (TS) : More chance to survive, abundance of money to build destruction. Now come and play Terraces and learn new ways, and ofcourse enjoy the game. Enjoy the skills of your opponent. Its not only a new skill you'd gain on this game, but it will reflect back in all aspects of your life. for really billy

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Mr Holland,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the subject, something which this week I have been considering.

I agree with almost all of what you said, but some readers might understand that playing the game will help them reclaim consciousness, which is false IMHO. I am arguing here that playing the game with an untrained mind creates more attachments, which lead to emotions and therefore losing consciousness. Because lets be fair here, the aim of the game is to win, which is inherently an ego attachment.

That said, it is certainly a challenge for the more aware to not become emotionally attached to the game, be it losing, winning or anything else which reinforces the ego. Personally and recently, as I begin to better understand the words you write, I am more inclined to think that more time spent doing anapana or breathe awareness and less time in competition is the way forward. I argued this with my ultra competitive swimming friend last night, but he couldn't understand. He gave up meditating after 1 month, and instead believes that he IS his achievements.

Since your mind creates your reality, to improve your reality you need to start with your mind.








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Wow Ndiaz! I couldnt have said it any better! Thanks bro. Yea honestly i just connected the teaching with tiberian sun the moment i found connections. I didnt intensionally wanted to bring awareness to this game, but i just felt a pull i had to write it, and had to find a way with words to connect this teaching with gaming, which was pretty hard lol.

And you're so right. These games are a perfect ego escape from dealing with hard stuff in life, just like most people think TV relaxes them, but you just lose your mind in it and, litterally.

But its not worth it to suffer day to day, when you can be in peace. So if we can bring awareness into gaming, and so awareness into life too. And firstly things you do will not change for you, you would most likely still do the same things, same habits. But how you do things - with awareness, you will find peace in all of it. Then later, when that awareness creates more space, the joy in all the things you do will flow into things you never thought u couldve done. You're suddenly succesfull in what you've always wanted to achieve.

So it does make sense to me, that if we can find joy in what you're doing now, and so lets say you're losing in game, and you're aware of your emotions -even if for the first time- and you're actually enjoying losing the game, you will bring the formless into your life. Even if you have joy for a split second and ego comes back straight away, mental attachments come back etc, its just how the process goes. What matters is, you made the process start. The game has turned into a spiritual practice.


Anyway, if you play tiberian sun, play some of my maps lol. Its all based on fun, no compitition

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