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TD - Frozen Arena (6)

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Played this map today; was initially skeptical of the middle and general area being too dangerous for infantry, but the road usage was an amazing saving grace.


Feels like an oldschool C&C95 map mixed with one of GC's SC2 ports.


Very unique and utterly playable.


Wish we had more like these.

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It's funny you say that NetServer, because it's a remake of Lost Arena.

I always loved lost arena's layout, but it had horrible starting positions (including, in the middle, yuk), and didn't allow people to get around enough (no left bridge).

I like having choke points in maps, as it allows for more field strategy, but some of the choke points in the original were totally over the top.

Another issue was that it didn't have enough tiberium, as you can see, that problem is now solved :D I've also rearranged the fields to help balance the starting positions.


Thanks for the feed back, although, I was expecting some complaints so that I could change the map to suit peoples likings... apparently, I've done a not too badder job anyway. Perhaps I'll continue this and look through more of the old maps, try and vamp them up to this sort of standard.


Please continue the feedback so I can make better maps, thanks guys.


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Probably one of my favorite C&C original maps is Nowhere to Hide. Anyway you could do a revamp that map also. :)


I've also thought of taking original maps and making them more suitable for 6 player games. You beat me to it. :D


The map is totally original which is what I like. Little changes as possible to original maps would make them better in my opinion. :)


Nice job Liam on the map!

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What if I push that tiberium patch top right, all the way into the topright corner, so it's away from him?

Also, do you think I need more tiberium down the bottom? They seem to be a bit short down there. But then, they seem to have better terrain for deffence...

Thoughts guys?


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