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Are you looking forward to the end of cnc.net with remasters or sad to see it go?


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The end of a cherished era?

The beginning of a better era?

Will it even change things at all? How is it likely to pan out?

I will be sad to see some things go and not miss other things, I hope the same crowd I play online with stays together whatever happens. 

I look forward to a massive influx of new players, the removal of glitches, better graphics,  bigger maps, and less things like  right side advantage or bottom advantage.

Another question is there any point making maps, and doing other cnc related work if all content is about to switch engine and so cannot be transferred directly?

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1 hour ago, AchromicWhite said:

I still don't even know what they're actually making. They've been too vague.

Maybe we will not be able to know until the game is made or maybe we will know in an early announcement. 

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I for one, would disappear again for a while. Where I live, it never sat right with what EA-games would make. If everyone goes master, then the room would be empty.

I am solely depending on places like cncnet. But only regarding EA-games.

Besides, there are some good maps around here. It is a shame that those indeed aren't going to be in the remaster. But maybe you can start printing them or something like that? Use a ruler to draw the lines and such. So that you know, where what was placed. I did this once with WC2 when I was a 10 year old (NO INTERNET!) and took the map to a friend to recreate the map there.

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