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  1. TS was pretty hard for me. I played through the Nod campaign, up to the final level. Can't stand TS' GDI so didn't play them. The main reason it was hard? All beam weapons had a good 75% chance to Internal Error when fired. On the stock game off the TFD disc. Soooo I had to use Artillery and Ticktanks to defend (they are fun though). Then GDI got disruptors which was a major pain as I had to airstrike them before they crashed the game... eventually got too difficult to prevent them firing TD all the way of course. I've actually yet to finish Nod Death Squad, although I believe I've completed most if not all the others.
  2. *reads with interest* This will be good to make some of my Tomorrow maps harder... good... very good...
  3. I plan to attack another building tonight or tomorrow! If it wasn't clear in the screenshot above, the green is the remappable colour so the city can match its associated faction.
  4. I finished another urban building today, a small cafe! You can see a few of them here in the following screenshot. In other news MattAttack has been slowly brewing up a map... here's a work in progress! Just as a note his current base is using a few different teams' tech so it's not indicative of an actual base just yet, although it's still an impressive sight
  5. I'm Kilkakon and I approve of this message.
  6. I had another idea for the power plants! :laugh: I like these a lot more though so I think I'll stick with them Subtly different from the originals. For those who didn't catch it, click here
  7. Hehe alright then Seems the general consensus is that it's a bad idea--that's fine by me, I'll stick with stock.
  8. I had an idea this evening to do something a little different, adding checkerboard pattern to the classic Power Plant. I made two versions: This lighter one And this darker one What do you think? I think I prefer the darker one the most, but there's always just sticking with the original look as well Open to your suggestions. If it's a bad idea I'll just scrap it
  9. Yeah that makes sense. On a map like CoA3 (the one above) the whole map is urban so have to be a bit sparse. Still looks okay even if it's not as intended so hey. Am looking forward to continuing work though. LONG WEEKEND coming up woo~ That and finishing my RPG (just a few more playtests!)
  10. Yeah I concede even after all the maps I've made I still don't understand AI properly. I end up having to put in reoccuring Hunt triggers to force autocreate teams to move. The current map I'm stuck on, one of the contest maps, has really poor AI that sits around doing nothing despite my best efforts Mysterious TD AI...
  11. My idea is that the roads don't fill their 2x2 tiles completely, so the bit of concrete left over would count as the sidewalks The buildings don't hug the roads in this screenshot though so hard to make it look as intended. C&C has a cap on how many buildings I can use on each map it seems. Thanks though guys I'll probably attempt another building this weekend (A café sounds like a good 1x1 building) and maybe a small shopping centre (has to be 1x2). Hard to make such small buildings look like something legit though.
  12. You love it? Well here's another helping of Kilk's urban environment, this time with a building I just finished today! See if you can spot the newcomer
  13. Time for an update! This time, it's a new building for the urban environment (replaces V03, so it's like a backwards L collision wise): Comments and criticism welcome as always! :laugh: I'm speaking with Nyer now as to how I'll handle the door issue for my interior map
  14. That's only weird to us as we're not American, you know :laugh:
  15. Yeah, as it stands it only spawns civilians and RPGs (RPGs replace civilians so sometimes they drop from a civilian building, those civilians do like IEDs don't they :laugh:). So while it would be nice if it could be bypassed somehow, if you don't know of a way around it that's cool, I'll just have less doors and use computer and mobile HQ shenanigans.
  16. Interesting that you had attempted something similar cn2mc! I hope you had fun with it even if you did not manage to get it all done. Here's another preview of how the doors look with some suggestions from you guys implemented, and a picture of a unit underneath just for White: Still has that civilian issue unfortunately. Sometimes even RPG troops spawn, which is a big surprise, haha!
  17. I just find buildings the best as they can take multiple hits Plus I'm out of walls XD And they can be 1x2
  18. Problem with explosives is that people can fire them over walls XD I'll stick with buildings if I can If not I'll have to compromise somehow
  19. The plan was to destroy them actually! I must not have made that clear, sorry :laugh: And yes White, they are destroyable buildings Still there's options, if we can't make them not drop troops I can use mobile HQs attached to spare factions and have them blown up by computers or something.
  20. You'll find out :laugh: It's your job to clean them out! I've taken your suggestions into account and made the overhang semi-transparent! I've also added doors, although I'm probably going to make them a 1x2 building so they can be a bit more into the overhang. Hopefully I can disable the civilians spawning though XD
  21. Some progress has been made on the interior theatre: crates, genetic experiment vats and computer terminals. Annoyingly my 3D Max broke so I'll have to explore my options for getting the remaining civilian urban buildings done.
  22. Not just yet although I fully intend to! When I was going hammer and tongs at all the great ideas you guys submitted I started to get a little burnt out on fixing the harder ones. 1 map is done, I'm most of the way done through another, and then yours to go as far as those submissions went.
  23. Just checking in to say I have finished the other things that were in the way before this project, mainly the April Fools' video and everything Looking forward to getting stuck into some interior theatre stuff next post!
  24. It is very pretty :O I need to finish my internal one now
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