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  1. You have an interesting idea for the bibs too Ministry of Love? XD Miniluv? hahaha
  2. Thanks guys. I'll add some extra bits soon (and keep working on the shadow) soon It's been a really hard building this one. Price of scope creep--it's not too bad when the ideas are flowing, but sometimes you get stonewalled when it stops all of a sudden.
  3. You do make awesome theatres :O I don't play RA but whenever I try a friend's mod I have to put in a random theatre of yours to have some fun ;D Funny how we both made Interior theatres! Yours has a very Martian Dreams vibe to it which I love. Mars mod anyone?
  4. Hi there everyone! Over the last few days I've been working on the communications centre and have redrawn the whole structure. Your feedback is welcome! Does it fit with existing buildings enough? I've yet to add things onto the roof, like antennae, radio towers or other detail. Want to get the basic structure right first. It already, in my eyes, looks waaay better as is. Here's some ingame previews! Because ingame is exciting! And I decided to cap the base with my units because why the hell not XD Please let me know your thoughts everyone!
  5. I would be interested in this yeah. If the dino attack could be modified into a laser that worked on an infantry, it would be very very fitting :O Currently I have the invisible laser of terrible death. Of course, if it fires from where the muzzle normally is, I'd have to get that moved as it would be waaay off target... Mhmmm...
  6. Hey, nicely done! I hadn't finished my building by any means, was just looking for some ideas Still cheers for showing me your interpretation of how it should look--the paint job on the strip there is quite nice, yes I'll keep thinking and iterating through design choices, incorporating submissions and suggestions as I get them. Thanks a lot for having a crack I'll be sure to keep you all posted.
  7. I was thinking I could add 1-2 of those radio towers yeah! It won't rotate, unfortunately, due to it replacing a civilian building internally Just updated the first post with updated tech trees
  8. I've done some more work on the Naval Command today! I've taken some inspiration from the existing Communications Centre. What are your thoughts everyone? I'm like 80% happy, think it needs just something more though.
  9. Haha as Japanese and USA both share it, I think sticking with something other than Obama drone is best If you want to make a map you are more than welcome to. Feel free to PM me and I'll send through an updated version. Just note that the urban environment is not 100% done, I still have one more building to replace (ideas are so hard!)
  10. In my mod Neutral CYs are used for both Civilian Militia and USA It is a shame multiplayer is so weird. I kind of washed my hands with it when I was doing my tinkering.
  11. Neutral can't build, although other factions can build Neutral's things if they capture a Neutral construction yard. Also, nice work on making some vids Matt
  12. Here's a mockup of how the Japanese Naval Command Centre might look The medium grey blob area would be a radar dish, pointing to the right. What do you think? It's loosely based off the Dune 2000 outpost.
  13. There's purple in the last row, fourth and fifth columns of your png
  14. Thank you both It does do a tad less damage than the Ion Cannon as well, to make it not exactly a copy (building is cheaper and not a power hog anyway). You know, if you do manage to clone those production structures, that would mean every building for Japan is replaced other than concrete walls So cool.
  15. Haha I keep finding out about things I never knew I wanted I don't want to presume on you too much though
  16. Thanks Might go with remaps if they work!
  17. Makes me wonder if I should change my laser colour now :laugh:
  18. Today I decided to explore what's possible with the Ion Cannon. I came up with this: Pretty cool eh? It would also mean USA and Japan would get their own exclusive communication centre buildings (Russia already has Radar Dome). Two more buildings to make but I'm liking the direction this is going
  19. Here's something I've been working on--a border to concrete areas, so I can mix temperate and urban areas in the same map!
  20. Thanks Grant I'll keep that in mind if it drops out again.
  21. Downloaded your music pack Nyer. Might use a few of the remixes in my mod. Can anybody with good ears tell me what's being said in Crush (SS Remix) and Hell March (SS Remix)? Or failing that, anybody know where to get non-sample versions of those tracks?
  22. Nice one haha! Yeah I got your map Matt, I'll give it a go tonight
  23. Hi guys I've tried changing back to the C&C95 theme using theme=8 in the URL bar but it doesn't seem to stick. How do I change it properly?
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